CAPM is the world’s most prestigious project management certification. The CAPM certification exam has 150 questions, and passing it necessitates a thorough CAPM study plan. The key to passing the CAPM certification exam is to spend as much time as possible practicing with CAPM questions and answers prior to the exam.

It’s time to put your knowledge to the test with these ten questions!

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1. You as a project manager is looking into the various risks for your project. You are weighing all the possible options to enhance the opportunities and reduce the threat to your project’s goals and objectives. What process are you performing?

A. Identify Risks
B. Plan Risk Responses
C. Monitor and Control Risk
D. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis


You are performing the risk response planning. This is done after the risks have been identified and they are quantitatively and/or qualitatively analyzed. Here the threats are reduced and opportunities are enhanced. Hence, correct answer is Choice – B.

2. A speech given at a high-tech trade show is an example of which kind of communication?

A. Informal Written
B. Informal Verbal
C. Formal Written
D. Formal Verbal


Speeches at the trade show are examples of formal verbal communication. Hence, choice D is correct.

3. Float of activities in critical paths is:

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. Cannot be said and depends on the activity duration, dependencies with others


Float for critical activity is zero. A is correct.

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4. Which of the following is the primary characteristics of Quality Management?

A. Quality planning should be done in such a way that it exceeds the customer expectations
B. Planning for the quality must be emphasized
C. Inspection not prevention is the most important element in ensuring quality
D. Contingency planning is one of the critical elements for ensuring quality


Modern quality management informs that planning is more important than inspection and prevention. This is due to fact that the cost of quality increases when the product is in production stage than in planning stage. Hence, choice – B is the correct answer. A is incorrect as exceeding customer expectations is not a criterion. C is incorrect as inspection is emphasized over prevention. There is no such theory as contingency planning in quality management.

5. Initial Cost Management Plan is available in which of the following knowledge area?

A. Integration Management
B. Cost Management
C. Scope Management
D. Schedule Management


Initial cost management plan is prepared in Integration Management. It is done in Develop Project Plan process area. Choice A is the correct one.

6. All of the followings are true regarding Contract Change Control system EXCEPT:

A. It should include contract dispute resolution procedures
B. It should be defined in the contract
C. It is used in Control Procurements Process
D. It is part of the Integrated Change Control system


A change control system is not defined in the contract. Hence, Choice – B is the correct answer. It is one of the tools and techniques in the Administer Procurements knowledge area process.

7. A manager who believes in Theory X believes that:

A. Effective quality management is the key to project success
B. Employees must be closely supervised because they do not like to work
C. Employees can be trusted to direct their own efforts
D. If the needs of employees are met, then they bring higher productivity


Theory X managers believe that – employees must be closely supervised because they do not like to work. Correct answer is Choice – B.

8. One of the team members informed that optimistic estimate for an activity assigned to him will be 10 days and the pessimistic estimate will be 18 days. What is the realistic estimate?

A. 12
B. 14
C. 15
D. Not known


Based on the date given, the realistic estimate cannot be provided. As for a PERT estimate the value = (Optimistic + 4 * Realistic + Pessimistic) / 6. However, 2 variables in this equation are missing. Correct answer is D.

9. Rick is soliciting bids for a project. His organization has already decided to buy the service from a list of sellers and they have been identified. What can be appropriate output for Rick in this process?

A. Change Requests
B. Contracts
C. Qualified Seller List from the list of sellers
D. Proposals from potential sellers


As per the question, Rick has completed the Plan Procurement. Hence, output from this will be proposals from potential clients. Hence, Choice – D is the correct answer.

10. An automotive oil change station was receiving complaints that their service took too long. A coffee machine and television were installed in the waiting room and the complaints went down. This is an example of:

A. Smith-Carlisle method
B. Creative problem solving
C. Analytical problem solving
D. Decision analysis


Correct Answer is B. Creative problem solving is when an innovative approach to the problem is used. The problem was solved not by improving service but by making the area where the customers wait more friendly and enjoyable.


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