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The project velocity has recently slipped, and a decision was made to skip testing to increase the momentum and bring the project back on track. What will the project manager need to focus on as a result of this decision?

A. Increased burn rate
B. Decreased efficiency
C. Increased cost
D. Increased technical debt

Correct Answer: D


An agile project manager would like to convert the requirements document into epics, capabilities, features, and stories In how many iterations should the project manager estimate the story duration?

A. Three iterations
B. One iteration
C. Four iterations
D. Two iterations

Correct Answer: B


A large multi-year project requires highly skilled staff for successful deployment The management team and the project sponsor have analyzed the resource requirements and agreed to have permanent staff hired for the project to avoid potential budget overrun. However, there is a risk of staff turnover during the course of the project, which may have an impact on the delivery
Which two actions should the project manager take to mitigate this risk? (Choose two)

A. Convince senior management to hire third party staff.
B. Increase the trained staff to create back-up for resources.
C. Meet with management to discuss dividing the project into smaller projects.
D. Introduce a recognition program to motivate and reward resource performance.
E. Enhance the competencies of the project team through training, mentoring, and coaching.

Correct Answer: BE

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During the planning stage of a project the project manager realizes that a standard stakeholder engagement approach will not suffice. One of the client representatives, who is not a key decision maker, is extremely opinionated. This client representative could become a roadblock to progress due to their perceived level of authority during meetings.
How should the project manager handle this moving forward?

A. Allocate time to gain buy-in from the stakeholder prior to key decision meetings.
B. Update the project schedule to cater to this particular stakeholder.
C. Ask that ony key decision makers attend the project meetings.
D. Update the risk register to consider the possible project impacts.

Correct Answer: A


A company wants to increase the commercial value of one of its products in a highly competitive market in order to do this, the company commissions a project to create a prototype. The team constructs the prototype incrementally.
Which action should the project manager take as a priority?

A. Implement a plan-do check act (PDCA) cycle.
B. Deliver business value as soon as possible.
C. Emphasize the use of Kanban methodology.
D. Ensure the project sponsor is aware of the go to market date.

Correct Answer: A


A new project manager learns the work assigned to the team has already been decomposed to its lowest level. The project manager reviews the work and feels some additional, useful information is missing.
What should the project manager review?

A. The WBS dictionary
B. The requirements traceability matrix
C. The project charter and scope statement
D. The business requirement documents (BRD)

Correct Answer: A


Some members of a project team are frustrated by a new team member who previously worked in a Scrum setting This new team member approaches members of the project team on a daily basis in what appears to be an attempt to engage in individual standup meetings.
What should the project manager do?

A. Send an email to the project team outing the communications strategy
B. Tell the rest of the project team to continue discussions with the new team member.
C. Schedule a meeting for the project tam to review the communications management plan
D. Mentor the new team member on the methodology the project team is using

Correct Answer: C


An external project manager is managing the construction of new corporate offices for a large company The project management plan states that it is necessary to contract a highly trained external resource to revise and validate an important project component The client has rejected hiring the external resource because of the high cost, even though it is within the project budget.
What should the project manager do to resolve this issue?

A. Evaluate the consequences and meet with the client to explain the possible scenarios.
B. Try to accomplish the task internally by leveling resources from other projects.
C. Hire the resource in order to achieve the project objectives.
D. Ask the client for a meeting and explain that the task will not be performed.

Correct Answer: A


Which two actions should a project manager consider while launching a new virtual team? (Choose two)

A. Establish, in the beginning. how progress will be monitored and the best means for communicating progress.
B. Verify if team members are on more than one team and cannot devote enough time to this team.
C. Identify the types and quantities of resources required for each work package or activity.
D. Recruit the best resources within the organization to be part of the virtual team.
E. Evaluate the project manager’s own strengths and weaknesses as a virtual team leader to identify avoidable pitfalls.

Correct Answer: AC


A company has decided to implement a new archiving system. A data breach occurred during the implementation of the project. What should the project manager do first?

A. Review possible alternative documentation methods with team.
B. Implement the planned risk response to handle the issue.
C. Ask the team to fix the system to resolve the issue.
D. Update the risk register with the risk and proposed impact

Correct Answer: A

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