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In analyzing a project for monthly status reporting. the project manager notices that the schedule performance index (SPI) is075 and the cost performance index (CPI) is 1 25 The project manager must provide the first project status review soon and wants to emphasize that the project is under control.

How should the project manager report the project status to key stakeholders?


A. Report that the project is not tracking as expected, but is still under control since the next project milestone is over a month away

B. Report that the project is behind schedule but that an additional experienced resource can be added to stay within schedule and maintain the budget.

C. Perform a detailed root cause analysis utilizing a pareto chart and fishbone diagrams to demonstrate that the project is under control.

D. Prepare a detailed presentation for stakeholders on earned value, including how it is calculated and the project’s current earned value  results


Correct Answer: B




The project manager just started leading a project team from which the previous project manager resigned. After a quick evaluation of the project, it is apparent that team morale is low due to continuous disagreement about how to complete tasks. Tasks are taking longer than forecasted and the project is off schedule.

What should the project manager do?


A. Crash the project timeline to ensure the project is back on schedule

B. Issue a change request to extend the project schedule based on identified delays

C. Inform the stakeholders that the project will be delayed due to previous team management

D. Conduct a meeting with the project team to discuss and address the sources of disagreement


Correct Answer: D




A project manager is in rapid development mode on a joint application development module The company wants delivery to occur in two weeks. The module needs to be integrated with other modules on a similar timeline, but release management has a three week backlog.

What should the project manager do?


A. Speak to the stakeholders to resolve the bottleneck and see how the entire process can be streamlined

B. Speak to the team and slow the current pace to ensure the team is in alignment with the release date

C.Have the team work toward the tighter deadline so that integration will be easier

D. Push ne team 1o deliver more s0 than the modules are developed and old out according to management’ srequest


Correct Answer: A




An organization is embarking on the deployment of a new digital solution that will revolutionize Purchasing Seric. The project manager has created all the necessary plans and activities to ensure a successful integration and solution launch. There is a risk of a partner’s system being unavailable which could impact the project negatively.

What key activity is needed to ensure the project’s success?


A. Eliminate the risk by mandating the partner to change the system settings to facilitate an easier integration with the new solution

B. Continuously monitor the risk of the partner system’s  and put the proper resolution plans in place in case the risk materializes into an actual issue.

C. Mitigate the risk by developing alternative plans to make the solution ready and available without full integration capabilities

D. Communicate to the project stakeholders that full integration may not be possible and that the project will potentially be delayed as a result


Correct Answer: C

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An organization is introducing agile to its projects. During an informal discussion, the project manager learned that team members who are currently working on different teams are discussing how they would like to be together on the same team.

What should the project manager do?


A. The project manager should not allow resources to choose teams because the project manager assigns the resources based upon project needs

B. The project manager should not allow resources to choose on which team they would like to work because they will always choose their favorite team

C. The project manager should indicate that the team members have already been assigned to a team through workforce optimization

D. The project manager should allow the resources to periodically choose on which team they would like to work.


Correct Answer: D




A team is working on implementing a communications system when the client says that they are considering closing the project The project manager schedules an urgent meeting with the client to understand why the project is at risk

Which two tools or techniques can the project manager use to influence the client’s decision to keep the project active? (Choose two)


A. Cost benefit analysis

B. Multi- criteria decision making

C. Voting

D. Alternatives analysis

E. Autocratic decision making


Correct Answer: BD




A team member shares with their functional manager some negative details about the performance of another team member that was discussed during the retrospective. The project manager finds out about this discussion.

What two actions should the project manager take? (Choose two)


A. Contact the team member’s functional manager and invite them to the next retrospective

B. Contact the team member to explain what information can be shared outside the team

C. Meet with the product owner to talk about the situation

D. Meet with the entire team to review the ground rules about safe environments

E. Meet with the sponsor to review the situation


Correct Answer: BD




A project manager presented the project schedule to the main stakeholders. They have requested that the project be completed two months earlier than the scheduled date.

What should the project manager do?


A. Reduce the scope of the project by removing activities and shortening the timeline

B. Hold a stakeholder meeting to align timelines and scope expectations

C.Crash the schedule to shorten the timeline while keeping the scope unchanged

D. Update the cost management plan to allocate more resources to the project to finish the scope earlier




In a newly formed project team, one experienced team member is overwhelmed by the complexity of the tasks and is not happy with the project team. What should the project manager do?


A.Actively listen to the team member and identify ways to support their needs in completing the tasks

B. Explain that the tasks are unavoidable and ask the team member to find a solution to overcome the challenges

c. Set up team-building activities with the project team members to reduce tension

D.  Ask the team member to enter this potential schedule delay in the risk register


Correct Answer: C




A project to develop a large hydropower plant is in the implementation phase and is managed using a hybrid approach. What should the project manager do to ensure full compliance of quality requirements during the execution phase?


A. Plan quality management

B. Analyze the quality

C. Set up quality policies and procedures

D. Continually survey the quality of the deliverable


Correct Answer: D

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