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An agile project team is looking to develop quality standards for a project How should the project manager coach the team?


A. Determine the tools and techniques suitable for the project and ensure that testing is done early and continuously

B. Insist that test driven development is implemented along with the automated testing

C. Ensure that the definition of done (DoD)is provided when the product owner agrees that all acceptance criteria have been met for the user story

D. Inform the team that user acceptance testing is required to ensure that the product owner accepts the solution


Correct Answer: A




The project manager has recently received funding approval for a training program for the entire project team but has not yet defined the most effective training course. One team member submitted a request for specialized training that is required for the project.

How should the project manager handle this request?


A. Reject the request as it does not impact the project deliverables

B. Approve the request for the specialized training

C. Validate if the training is within scope and budget

D. Send this change request to the change control board (CCB) for approval


Correct Answer: C




While reviewing prototypes, the quality team found some deviations that do not affect the main functionality but have the potential to be an issue in the future. To avoid major problems in the future, the team recommends corrective actions that will require additional funds The project is already struggling to stay on budget and has even used some of the contingency reserves.

What should the project manager do?


A. Ask the product designer why the deviation was not considered in the design phase

B.  Evaluate and initiate the change request process with the stakeholders

C. Ask the quality team to discard the sample and test again with a new sample

D. Report to the project sponsor that the product is working and the project is struggling with the budget


Correct Answer: B




A project manager accepts a delivery at the project site but the items are of a poor quality The project manager gets the local vendor to fix the items but more deliveries from this vendor are expected.

What should the project manager do going forward?


A. Have the vendor issue the quality documentation prior to the next delivery

B. Cal the vendor and have them verbally guarantee the quality of the next site delivery

C. Review the contract requirements and ask for the applicable evidence for quality assurance

D. Allocate extra time to inspect deliveries for quality assurance upon arrival at the site


Correct Answer: C


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During project execution, the risk owner is monitoring the critical speed rate of a power engine to eventually trigger the defined risk-response strategy During the risk assessment and management process phase, it was defined that the power engine has the following characteristics:

1600 rpm (rate-per-minute) -> stops working and crashes the system 1,500 rpm (rate per-minute) -> warns of max rate allowed

1.400 rpm (rate -per- minute) -> reduces the power and brakes the engine Which of the following statements is correct?


A. 1,600 rpm is an event that triggers a response strategy

1,500 rpm is a project issue; and 1,400 rpm is a project risk.

B. 1,600 rpm is a project issue, 1,500rpmis a project risk;and

1,400 rpm is an event that triggers a response strategy.

C. 1,600 rpm is a project risk

1,500 rpm is an event that triggers a response strategy;and 1,400 rpm is a project issue.

D. 1,600 rpm is a project issue,

1,500 rpm is an event that triggers a response strategy; and 1,400 rpm is a project risk


Correct Answer: B




During the execution phase of a healthcare IT project, the customer’s project manager resigns. The key stakeholders are no longer getting updated information in a timely manner.

What should the project manager do next?


A. Update the communications management plan

B. Update the project sponsors on the issue

C. Keep sending the information until a response is reviewed

D. Inform the key stakeholders directly


Correct Answer: D




How should the project manager develop the project management plan to ensure that the project continually delivers the expected benefits?


A. Include the entire project team in testing

B. Clarify project benefits with the sponsor

C. ldentify the goal of each work product

D. Perform integration testing of each release




A technical subject matter expert (SME) identifies an occurrence that should be captured in the project’s lessons learned. The SME asks the project manager to write, document, and include it in the lessons learned register.

What should the project manager do?


A. Ask the SME to document and capture the occurance

B. Requestthe SME to wait until the project closure phase

C. Assign the documenting task to a project team member

D. Take ownership of documenting this information


Correct Answer: D




The project team follows a hybrid framework for its delivery During the execution of a project, the team learns of a new compliance requirement that has to be delivered before any other requirements.

How should the project manager address this situation?


A. Ask the team to include the compliance requirement in the current sprint and delivert

B. Include the compliance lead in the stakeholders list and wat for the next status meeting

C. Add he new compliance requirement to the backlog as the technical team does not have any capacity

D. Collaborate with the compliance team member to review and prioritize the requirement’s delivery


Correct Answer: D




A project manager invites the company CEO, sponsor team members. and an external representative to a meeting to review the project management plan. The project manager starts to present the budget, but the CEO suddenly asks to end the meeting.

What should the project manager have done to avoid this situation?


A. Reviewed the communications management plan before inviting an external client representative to the meeting

B. Reviewed the cost management plan with internal participants and CEO prior to inviting an external client representative to the  meeting

C. Performed a root cause analysis with the external client representative and documented the findings inthe lessons learned register.

D. Sent the presentation slides to internal participants first and then to the external client representative prior to the meeting


Correct Answer: A

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