We are all aware of the importance of an AWS certification; however, do you know the specific benefits the certification will bring you? Read this article from SPOTO to get the answers.

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AWS professionals were asked what they had learned since obtaining certification. They listed many benefits, including:
An opportunity to validate my skills with AWS (61%).
Better career progression opportunities (58%)
Improved efficiency in my job (48%)
Recognizance from my employer that I am competent (48%)
Transferable industry qualification (34%)
Transferable industry skills (31%)
I have more trust in my employer (31%).
Confidence in complex tasks (29%)
These are just three additional benefits of AWS certifications. They prove that getting AWS certified it is worthwhile in both time and money.

Increase your earning potential

AWS certification is more than a good resume. It can also significantly increase the salary or rate that you command.
Our Careers and Hiring Guide revealed that 56% of AWS professionals saw a 25% average salary increase after receiving their certification. A 2021 survey that covered the USA and Canada revealed an average annual income for certified professionals of $141,540, while those who did not have a certification earned $20,000 less.
You will gain invaluable training on your way to becoming certified. This will make you more productive and an asset to your team, which will likely reflect your salary.
Different certifications will lead to other pay increases. Our Careers and Hiring Guide found that the Solutions Architect – Professional certification will most likely increase a professional’s earning potential.
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (67%)
AWS Certified DevOps Engineering – Professional (46%)
AWS Security – Specialty (38%)
AWS Certified Advanced Networking (24%)
AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (23%)
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (22%)
AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty (18%)
AWS Certified Database – Specialty (11%)
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate (10%)
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner – Foundation (8%)

Display your efforts to the technology

An AWS certification shows your dedication to the industry and the best practices that make it a solid foundation.
AWS certification does not replace experience. If you are an employer looking to hire a new employee, both must be considered when making a generous offer.
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This perspective allows hiring managers to quickly and effectively assess your technical knowledge and core competencies by looking at certifications. This is a sign that you have mastered AWS knowledge, which 44% of respondents believed they had.
Certification is, in simple terms, like getting your AWS driving license. However, just because you passed your test with flying colors doesn’t mean you are ready to drive a Lamborghini or 16-wheeler.
Although hiring practices may vary from one organization, one certification could make the difference between giving your dream job or being rejected.

Increase your competitive ability

Our Careers and Hiring Guide revealed that 84% of respondents believed certifications helped professionals stand out in a highly competitive job market. 90% of those who have certifications believe that certificates make them more marketable.
To maintain their status as partners, they must have certified staff. Therefore, bringing certified candidates onto the team is more important to them than to AWS customers. Partner status is more rewarding when they can accumulate and exceed the required certifications and reap all the benefits that go with it.
Certification can make a difference to an employer’s partner status and competency status in the AWS community. One aspect of certification that candidates might not be aware of, however, is their employer’s need to maintain their partner status and competency with AWS.
AWS Premier and Advanced partners must maintain certain levels and numbers of certified employees. Certifications such as Cloud Practitioner, Technical, or Business are pretty standard and can be helpful. However, it is much harder to get Professional and Speciality certifications. We keep track of the number of staff members with Pro and Specialty certificates. We value Pro and Speciality certifications highly and offer incentives to staff to obtain and maintain these more complex and demanding certifications. Certification can make or break a job opportunity.
Certifications aren’t a magic bullet, and most employers know that, but they give the employer a clear understanding about what to expect from a candidate and how they can tailor their on-the-job professional development.”
It can be challenging to give a fair assessment of certifications and experience when comparing them. There are many self-taught engineers who can perform the necessary duties. However, certified developers are equally capable. However, certifications communicate the intent of the candidate to the hiring manager.
Although a certificate doesn’t automatically make you the best candidate, it simply indicates to the hiring manager that your qualifications and interests of yours are compatible with their desired skills. To get a certification as fast as possible, you’ll need SPOTO‘s help.
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