Are you currently studying for your first AWS Certification or any additional AWS Certifications? No matter where you are in the certification or preparation process, we think this blog can help you concentrate your efforts. We both work as solution architects for Amazon, and between the two of us, we have ten active AWS Certifications. Our advice has assisted students in earning AWS Certifications, including the infamously challenging AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional. Any level of learner, whether in a technical job or not, can acquire an Amazon Certification to develop cloud skills for a specific function or domain.
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We’ll go through five strategies that Amazon Solutions Architects use religiously to study for and ace the AWS Certification exams in this blog post, and you can steal them! You’ll discover how to leverage AWS Official Practice Question Sets, free online courses, and other resources on AWS Skill Builder, the official AWS online learning center, to smash through your learning goals. To get the most out of your certification after you obtain it, you’ll learn how to manage your time wisely during the exam and enhance your understanding of the questions and exam objectives.

Use resources for AWS Training and Certification to get ready.
The examinations for AWS Certifications are rigorous and test your knowledge and expertise. AWS Certifications have recognized certifications in the industry. You’ll feel more confident about passing the exam and applying your knowledge in practice the more you study and practice. Visit the exam preparation page for more information. You are not required to prepare for the examinations by attending AWS-provided training, according to AWS. There are, however, suggested actions that can aid in your beginning.

Review the exam guide that is accessible on each exam preparation page for AWS Training and Certification to familiarize yourself with the exam.
Create an account with Amazon Skill Builder and use the AWS Certification Official Practice Question Sets to familiarize yourself with exam-style questions.
Learn about exam subjects by:
enrolling in AWS Skill Builder classes to patch knowledge gaps based on exam themes
studying the test pages’ accessible white papers and AWS service-related FAQs
Purchasing AWS Skill Builder so you may practice and develop in the AWS Console using AWS Builder Labs and Amazon Cloud Quest
Consider taking an Amazon Skill Builder exam preparation course to get ready for your exam.
With the full-length AWS Certification Official Practice Test included with your Amazon Skill Builder membership, evaluate your readiness.
Here are five additional recommendations from Amazon Solutions Architects on how to study for the AWS Certification exam.

1. Clarify
Do you begin your training for a marathon by finishing one on the first day? No. Now, apply the same strategy here and break it down. Take the AWS Certification Official Practice Question Sets, which are available in Amazon Skill Builder for free. Start with answering 10 questions at once, then increase from there.

Turn on the “Review Answer” option when taking the AWS Certification Official Practice Question Sets. This provides you with immediate feedback on the responses, saving you from having to wait until the end of your study session to learn how you did. You’ll learn the concepts more quickly if you go through both the right and wrong answers to each question.

Make sure to take a break after finishing each section of the Official Practice Question Set, and divide your study time into 30- to 1-hour blocks. The study sessions feel (more) engaging as a result of the pacing. Take a full-length, scored AWS Certified Official Practice Test following a week of answering 10 to 20 questions at a time. Before you take the legitimate, proctored exam, try to complete at least one full-length practice test. This helps you become ready for what you will need to get through the complete exam.
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2. Use the method of exclusion
Eliminating the incorrect answers and swiftly determining the right one is made possible through the process of elimination. Save your time by avoiding answers that are only intended to confuse and divert you. Examine each response and cross out any that are blatantly incorrect. That assists you in keeping your attention on the sensible options.

3. Study the Official Practice Question Set’s core principles.
Avoid losing points when pursuing a difficult certification. Start by concentrating on useful ideas. How do you determine which ideas are important? Study the exam guide to learn about the exam’s domains, tasks, and weightings. then make use of the Official Practice Question Sets, which cover all the domains. On the real test, it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter questions exactly like those in the official practice question sets. The ideas covered in those questions will probably be present in some manner. These ideas are comparable to free points on the exam. Take them away!

4. Increase your practical knowledge
When it comes to passing an AWS Certification exam, nothing beats real-world experience. While reading is crucial for preparation, doing projects in your AWS account develops competence and proficiency. We (together with our fellow Amazon Solutions Architects) suggested an 80/20 time split between building and learning. Because everyone has a slightly different learning approach, do what suits you best! By reading or watching videos alone, it might be challenging to comprehend and retain facts, statistics, and concepts. When you use your new information in practice, your understanding will grow deeper. Start by signing up for free online courses, then upgrade to an AWS Skill Builder subscription to access AWS Builder Labs and AWS Cloud Quest for practical training in a real-world AWS environment.

5. Go backward
Whether you work for Amazon or not, you may be familiar with our Leadership Values. You can pass your exam with the help of these concepts, principles, and axioms, which are the culmination of 25 years of knowledge and experience. Amazonians use the Amazon Leadership Principles to guide their decisions when faced with any kind of opportunity or problem. AWS Certification exams include difficult scenario-based questions. Two of our leadership tenets can be used by test takers to determine how to proceed with each given question: 1. Eliminate answer options that fall short of Amazon’s unyieldingly high bar for excellence; and 2. Work backward.

Do you know the proverb, “Save the best for last”? We advise you to read each question beginning at the end, even though it isn’t something test authors aim to accomplish. Why? Every exam is a test of ability, stamina, and judgment. Many bits of information are included in each question, but only certain of them are crucial for determining the correct response. Start by going through the last line of the inquiry. With this knowledge in hand, read the question’s opening and then each possible response. You are quick to separate important information from irrelevant information. Check it out for yourself: Reread this post beginning at the bottom.

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