Based on information from PayScale that was most recently updated on March 02, 2022, let us now take a look at the top AWS positions in 2022 and the salaries that are linked with them:
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This role requires the expertise of a trained AWS developer who can build cloud-native applications, test such applications, and assist in the process of transferring applications to AWS. This particular category of jobs offers an annual salary that, on average, is equal to $104,000 for those who hold them in the United States.
AWS System Operations Administrator: Experienced system administrators who have worked before for Amazon Web Services (AWS) are the ideal candidates for this employment position. It also needs the adoption of safety and compliance measures, in addition to the management of day-to-day workloads on Amazon. This particular category of work brings in an annual salary of $111 000 on average throughout all 50 states in the United States.
A solution architect’s responsibilities are quite comparable to those of a SysOps administrator; however, in addition to those responsibilities, a solution architect is also responsible for the design of secure cloud-based systems. These responsibilities are provided by Amazon Web Services associate solutions architect. In the country of the United States of America, the average annual compensation for this kind of profession comes in at $117,000 per year.
AWS DevOps engineer: The job of an AWS DevOps engineer involves software development, similar to that of an AWS developer; but, in this case, the software development lifecycle must adhere to the ideals of DevOps, and it requires considerable engagement with the production team. An AWS developer: The annual compensation for this kind of work in the United States is typically equal to 123 thousand dollars. This is the average wage.
AWS senior solutions architects: This is an advanced employment profile for AWS professionals, and it describes a position in which the solutions architect is expected to provide strategic advice and assist in the overall results of the firm. This specific category of work, when performed in the United States, often results in an annual salary of around $135,000 on average.
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Working as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) professional can be highly lucrative, and you will be well compensated for your efforts. However, you will need to possess the appropriate skills. The average yearly salary for AWS professionals in the United States is $109,000, as indicated by data collected by PayScale and most recently revised on March 02, 2022. These figures were most recently revised on March 02, 2022. People from a wide variety of fields are represented here, including, but not limited to, data engineering, software development, and site reliability, amongst others.

An Amazon Web Services (AWS) specialist who is just starting might anticipate making between $70,000 and $90,000 per year on average.
A senior AWS worker can anticipate earning anything from $135,000 to $166,000 in annual compensation, on average.
When it comes to getting paid at AWS, you have several different options to choose from. For instance, the usual yearly salary for a site reliability engineer at Amazon Web Services (AWS) is $120,000, whereas the typical annual salary for a data engineer with AWS expertise is approximately $97,000.
The individuals who are qualified to work with Amazon Web Services command the greatest salaries in this industry. As was mentioned in the section that came before this one, Amazon-certified developers, system administrators, solutions architects, DevOps engineers, and senior solution architects can make more than one hundred thousand dollars annually.

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