Both Network Engineering and Cybersecurity are quite a vast field and have lots of scope for development. All you would require would be to see which one is suited for you as both of them are different from each other, but both are beneficial.

Network Engineer

As a network engineer, you would be dwelling in the heart of the technological realm. You would be able to have a wide range of duties, including building, designing, and maintaining computer networks for the organization you work for. But to make such a career, you would require the right certification like the Cisco CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE, and for that, you would need a right and reliable training provider like the SPOTO.

Benefits of a Network Engineering Job

You will be going to experience many benefits as a network engineer, some of which are mentioned below:

Having Opportunities for Advancement

Network systems are considered to be central to the operations of nearly every business, from non-profit activism to manufacturing to hospitality as well as education. As a network engineer, you would have the opportunity to work in almost any industry as an integral part of the team. Once you have established yourself within an organization, you would promote yourself as a valuable asset in any position that you would be interested in.

Obtaining a Good Salary    

As per the BLS, network engineers’ median salary is considered to be about $104,650, which would be significantly higher than the overall national median wage of $37,690. Most network engineers would be working a full-time 40-hour week, with about a quarter of them working even more than that. Typically, most organizations would be offering full-time employees health insurance, paid time off, and numerous other benefits.


Cybersecurity is believed to be a continuously changing field, with the development of technologies that would open up new avenues for cyber attacks. Additionally, even though significant security breaches would be the ones that often get publicized, small organizations still would have to concern themselves with security breaches, as they might often be the target of phishing and viruses.

Benefits of Cybersecurity

  • Business protection against ransomware, malware, phishing as well as social engineering.
  • Protection for networks and data.
  • Preventing unauthorized users.
  • Improving recovery time after a breach.
  • Protection for end-users.
  • Improving confidence in the product for both customers and developers.

Careers in Cybersecurity

As the cyber threat landscape would be growing continuously and emerging threats like the threats on the scene of the internet of things, individuals would be required with the needed skills and awareness in both software and hardware skills.

Jobs in Cyber Security

IT professionals, as well as other computer specialists, would be required in security jobs, like:

  • Chief information security officer (CISO): This individual would be able to implement the security program across the organization and oversee the IT security department’s operations.
  • Security engineer: This individual would be protecting company assets from threats focusing on quality control within the IT infrastructure.
  • Security architect: This individual is considered responsible for analyzing, planning, testing, designing, maintaining, and supporting an enterprise’s critical infrastructure.
  • Security analyst: This individual would have several responsibilities that would include protecting digital files, planning security measures and controls, and conducting both internal and external security audits.   

Hence, it depends on you. If you wish to make your career working with building, designing, and maintaining computer networks, you should go for Network Engineering. In contrast, if you are interested in creating a career in Informational Security, then Cybersecurity would be best for you. But to earn your place in both of these fields isn’t that easy and requires lots of hard work and some excellent courses like offered at the SPOTO.

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