IT Certification or Degree?

There has been an on-going debate in the IT sector about whether you would be required to have certifications or degrees for advancing your career. Most of the people would provide an answer like “it depends.”

Notably, it depends on:

  • How much experience would you be having?
  • What area within IT you would be interested in?
  • What specific job role would you be willing to move into?
  • What career path would you be having in your mind?

IT Certification AND Degree

For lots and lots of positions in the IT field today, obtaining the combination of certification and a degree might qualify you for creating a career path. Either one by itself wouldn’t suffice.

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Advancing Your IT Career with Certifications and Degrees

You are required to follow the below mentioned four steps to move your IT career forward.

1.   Earning an Appropriate Certification for Your IT Field

IT leaders, hiring managers, and job data from the BLS would indicate that you have an advantage over your competition if you have a certification. More than that, certifications would be verifying that you would have acquired the knowledge that you need to do the job.

Usually, it is offered by product vendors or software firms; certifications could be provided some assurance to employers that you would have the set of skills required to code in an unambiguous programming language or maneuver the company’s networking systems or preferred security. Certifications would be as a “stamp of approval” that you would have known the “how” of accomplishing a technical task.

2. Adding a Degree in Your IT Field

While seeking certifications would help you out in building specific technology skills, a degree would be able to provide you with the foundational knowledge that would be needed for your IT career. A degree would fulfill the “why” criteria or the business reasons technology is considered relevant to the organization.

A degree program would cover the business aspects of IT, particularly risk as well as reward implications, along with a broader understanding of technology and its usage. Plus, several education institutions that would also include the SPOTO Club might be allowed you to apply for course credit for the knowledge that you would have earned certifications.

Just as you would require to be sure that certification is advanced, you would require knowing that the degree would be to meet your career needs. A degree shouldn’t only be providing you with business and technical skills, and it should also help you understand how those skills are applying in today’s IT environments.      

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3. Highlighting Both in Your Resume

Most organizations would be utilizing either an HR professional or a technology solution for filtering the resumes and narrow the field of candidates. Make sure your certifications and degrees would be stating with industry-standard language on your resume for getting past the system and human filters and into the potential candidate pool.

4. Rinse, Wash, Repeat

In other words, add degrees and certifications which would be needed for your career path. As you would be advancing, the combined degrees and certifications would help you out in differentiating you as someone who wouldn’t be only willing to improve, but also as someone focused and curious on mastering the latest industry standards as well as best practices. Technology is evolving rapidly.

Regardless of the format, IT professionals would be encouraged to continue learning throughout their careers.

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