The world is now hyper-connected. Over the past couple of years, organizations would be establishing several networking setups with dozens of successful proofs of concept and even limited-scale network deployments. With the rise of the IoT (Internet of Things), businesses are now considered network-centric.

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Digital transformation forces companies to be agile and moves at a rapid pace, and the network would require being equally agile and fast. With the flow of that, the term SDN otherwise known as Software-defined Networking could help modernize a company’s IT infrastructure and businesses to keep pace with new technologies.

On the other hand, CCIE is considered to be the world’s most prestigious and demanded IT certification, which would be involving practical and technical knowledge of Networking. It is considered to be an expert-level certification that would be recognizing the expertise and experience in network infrastructure technologies.

What exactly is SDN?

Software-defined Networking or shortly known as SDN technology, facilitates network management and enables efficient network configuration, which would be able to improve the performance of network and monitoring. The static architecture of traditional systems is considered complicated and decentralized, while current networks require more flexibility and easy troubleshooting.

SDN would be present to centralize network intelligence in one single network component by disassociating the forwarding process of network packets or Data Plane from the routing process or the Control plane. The control plane would have one or more controllers, which would be considered the brain of the SDN network where the whole intelligence would be incorporated. However, the intelligence centralization has for its drawbacks when it would be coming to security, scalability, and flexibility, which is considered the significant issue of SDN.

Presently, Cisco would have also focused its innovation roadmap on such areas as software-defined Networking (SDN), network functions virtualization and making networking platforms more programmable and open, which would be known as network programmability. Together, these technologies would form the building blocks of networking systems that are intent-based, enabling networking administrators to configure networks in a more automated, agile way through software than it would be possible with traditional hardware-based network configuration.

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SDN affect on the CCIEImplementing SDN ACI solutions in the enterprise or even within medium-sized companies would require extensive, CCIE-level knowledge. With OMP, custom QoS settings, complex underlying protocol interactions, multi-layer VPN architectures with PKI, etc., the average engineer won’t know where to begin with.

99% of guys out there only wouldn’t be having the skill-set for implementing this.SDN means outsourcing the network overseas is considered to be much more comfortable. That would be able to lead to job losses within our industry

Having an IT guy that could do a bunch of stuff with servers, Networking, databases, etc. are gone. The next-generation networks would be requiring dedicated specialists due to their complexity. A modern network with SDN and virtualized systems is considered ten times more complex than the one you would have seen over 15 years ago.

Hence, now you know how the knowledge of SDN affects the CCIE Professionals. If you wish to have more in-depth experience, you could have it with the expertise training courses like that offered at the SPOTO, formulated with the experts who are having a vast knowledge of 17 Years.


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Last modified: 2021-01-04



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