The New Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification or CCNA Certification will validate your ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot routed and switched networks.

Meanwhile, CCNA professionals could be able to establish connections to remote sites through a vast area network (WAN), mitigate primary threats to network security, and also would be able to understand the basic concepts as well as terminology of the system.

Benefits of SPOTO CCNA Exam Answers & Questions

You recently restructured for the latest technology and new roles. The CCNA certification training course and exam would be able to give you the foundation you would require for the evolution of your career.

For instance, the new CCNA certification training will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Network fundamentals
  • Network access
  • IP connectivity
  • IP services
  • Security fundamentals
  • Automation and programmability

How to Clear CCNA Exam in First Try?

As with any CCNA certification exam, there would be certain study materials that would be able to help the candidates for the preparation of the CCNA certification exam. Also, these media are available in various formats.

For instance, you could gain the study guides, videos, workbooks, laboratory guides, practice tests, etc. Some of these materials would be provided by Cisco also, while others could be available from other vendors. The study material you have to decide to begin with depends on how you are going to learn.

Some people would prefer videos to textbooks, while others would be installing themselves immediately after watching a video. This section would be providing an example of a guide for the study material for the preparation for the CCNA exam.

Begin with Video Training

It is considered useful, especially if you are new to networks. Seeing the concepts which would be explained visually could help you out a lot in understanding such concepts. However, don’t just rely solely on these training videos, as it is considered quite easy to overlook essential concepts when watching videos.

Training videos would usually focus on more practical aspects of an exam and could hide the theoretical issues that would be necessary to clear the exam.

Acquire the CCNA Official Certification Guide

If you would be just reading a guide, you should know this because it would be the only self-study guide approved by Cisco. These guides would usually be quite large, but they are worth it. They would be available in various formats like an e-book, hardcover, etc. from Cisco Press and other libraries, like Amazon.


Videos, as well as study guides, wouldn’t be able to replace practical experience. Previously, this would be considered quite complicated because it meant that you must have access to expensive devices like routers and switches. Fortunately, now you could utilize the simulation/emulation tools like GNS3, Packet Tracer, and Cisco VIRL and change the game. As an indication, more than 90% of the CCNA exam contents could be put into practice by combining all of these tools. You should check out the SPOTO Club’s study dump to ensure your success.

Practice Tests

Unless you would be able to utilize landfills, no practice test could show you the exact questions that would be arising in the actual exam. The best thing you could learn from exercise tests would be to know what kind of problems it is expected during a real review. As such, never rely too much on your performance during practice tests for measuring your success on the actual exam.

If you wish to ensure your success in achieving the new CCNA Certification, it is recommended to get the study dumps offered at the SPOTO  to ensure your success.

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Last modified: 2021-01-04



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