Over the years, Cisco academy would have developed numerous certifications, and these certifications are evolving day by day. The newly designed CCNA program by cisco network academy would help you out in proving your skills in the ever-changing IT landscape.

CCNA would consist of domains such as Security, Routing and Switching, Collaboration, Service Provider, Data Center, etc. but it now would be covering the network fundamentals, IP connectivity, network access, IP services, security fundamentals, and automation and programmability. Let’s discuss the changes in the new and old CCNA Certification in more detail. Still, before that, if you are looking forward to going for this certification, you should gain the study dumps, which are being offered at the SPOTO Club to achieve success in the single attempt.

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Changes in Cisco Certifications

  • Introduction of DevNet Certifications: DevNet Certifications would be able to form a critical, as well as a crucial component of the transitioning program for people from the Programming and Software Industry, could make maximum utilization of these certifications.
  • Elimination of Pre-requisites at the Associate and Professional Level: To bring in flexibility and variety in choice for the candidates.
  • Continuing Education for all: Cisco Network Continuing education would be able to prove to be a method for earning some extra credits for re-certification.
  • Recognition for Completing Training Courses: Candidates would now gain recognition even after clearing one out of two modules.
  • Updating and Consolidating of CCNA Training and Certifications: Combining numerous domains for forming a module which would be providing the fundamental knowledge.
  • Streamlined Certification Paths: Streamlined Certification Path where the candidate now would require giving only two exams instead of 4 exams.

What is the New CCNA 200-301?

The new CCNA 200-301 Landscape Program would help the candidates prove their skills in the ever-changing IT Landscape. The new CCNA Certification would be validating the various fundamentals under one roof with only one training program and one exam. The modules would comprise in the CCNA program are Security Fundamentals, Network Fundamentals, Network Access, IP Connectivity, Programmability, Automation, and IP Services. CCNA Certification would be able to provide you the foundation for taking your career in any direction.

Changes in the Associate (CCNA) Certification

Strengthening the CCNA Model

Today, there would be about 10 to 11 CCNA Domains presenting such as CCNA Routing and Switching, CCNA Data Center, CCNA Security, CCNA Collaboration, etc. Cisco would have researched the target as well as the value of the CCNA program. Post research, they would have concluded that the main objective of CCNA Certification for entry-level associates would be to focus on candidates who are beginning their careers in networking. They might be fresh graduates or coming from a new industry, software developers, or IT Industry, or they would also be from a non-IT background such as finance, marketing, or sales.

CCNA would be focusing on junior level personnel who would be beginning their networking career or anywhere between 0 to 2 years into this job role. The primary goal would be to give these candidates fundamental knowledge about all the concepts and components of networking. Cisco would have observed a gap in the above knowledge due to so many different domains, but now they would be acquiring a concise model that would be able to bridge this gap.

Now that you have learned about the difference between the CCNA 200-125 and CCNA 200-301 Certification, you would be willing to acquire it. If yes, you must opt for the training courses offered by the SPOTO to ensure your success in achieving the CCNA Certification.

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