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Q1. Which is a function of a gateway?
A) Copies packets from one network protocol to another protocol
B) Reads the network address of the destination and forwards the packet to that network
C) Filters packets going into and out of a network
Answer: A

Q2. A DoS attack is typically against one machine, whereas a DDoS attack is against many machines.
Answer: A

Q3. Which statement describes the hash totals security technique?
A) It allows users to access resources without knowing whether the resource is local or remote
B) It is an error-correcting protocol that re-creates blocks of text
C) It is a mathematically-generated unique value from a string of text that can be used when integrity must be assured
Answer: C

Q4. Which e-mail protocol forwards e-mail from one mail server to another mail server?
Answer: C

Q5. What is a fifth-generation firewall?
A) A combination of second- and third-generation firewalls
B) A dynamic firewall
C) A multilevel firewall integrated into the OS kernel
Answer: C

Q6. Which is a downside of packet filtering firewalls?
A) Easily fooled by spoofing
B) Allows for eavesdropping
C) Filters too much, causing a bottleneck
Answer: A

Q7. At which layer do second-generation firewalls operate?
A) Network
B) Transport
C) Application
Answer: C

Q8. A flooding attack is considered to be which kind of attack?
A) Spoofing
B) Spamming
C) DoS
Answer: C

Q9. only forward packets to the specific port where the destination machine is located.
Answer: A

Q10. A screened-subnet architecture is an ideal place for which type of server?
A) Web
B) Mail
C) Network
Answer: A

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