The CISSP Certification is considered a one-of-its-kind certification that would aim at nurturing leaders in the field of information security. It would be controlled by the (ISC)². We would be discussing the best way of preparing for the CISSP Exam. Here are some of the means of preparing for the CISSP Exam.

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Traditionally, self-study has been the choice for lots of students before an exam. Many people would be arguing that the level of attention that one would be able to reach when alone is a lot higher than when surrounded by others. However, while there would be lots of pros associated with self-study, there are also some cons that you should know, like that it is too much time-consuming and that it isn’t that much reliable.

Joining A Boot Camp

Joining a boot camp is considered to be another way to prepare for the CISSP exam. In a boot camp, you would be able to train very rigorously over a short period. There would be numerous different options; one of the most popular choices would be the SPOTO CISSP Dumps.

Exam Simulation/Online Training:

You would also be able to prepare for the CISSP exam by practicing many CISSP test questions or joining an online preparation course. There would be lots of online resources available where you could take simulated versions of the exam to see how well you would be performing.

Tips for Clearing the CISSP Exam

The key is considered to be prepared not endlessly but smartly. The tips that follow would be able to help you a lot while studying for the CISSP:

1. Preparing from the official CISSP textbook released by (ISC)², but you should also keep as much reference material with you as you would be able to.

2. Always solve the questions which would be available at the end of each chapter of the textbook. This would be able to allow you to test your learning right after you would have gone through various topics.

3. Don’t just focus on cramming the topics, but would be trying to develop a deep understanding of the key ideas.

4. It would be best if you always went through the summary sections of the chapters to ensure that you won’t miss out on any topics.

5. While dealing with multiple choice questions, if you wouldn’t know the correct answer right away, try to eliminate the wrong answers if it would be possible. This technique would help you out because you could improve your chances of getting the answer correct.

6. You aren’t required to rush to solutions. Most of the time, the questions which would be given in the CISSP exam are subjective, so you need to think about all the possible scenarios before you could make a choice.

7. Manage your time very carefully. You will have about six hours to attempt the exam, so you should try your level best to finish the exam in half an hour before the deadline. Utilize the last 30 minutes to see if you would be missing anything and to recheck your answers.


Obtaining the CISSP certification could be considered the steepest mountain you would have ever climbed if you don’t utilize your time astutely and prepare adequately. However, if you would be able to take the preparation seriously, you could easily pass the exam and win the distinction.

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