Are you planning to take the CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE certification exams, you are required to make sure that you are adequately prepared for them. When you would be studying for these tests, you should utilize network simulators and make sure that you would be able to choose the correct ones. It would be impossible for you to test each simulator, so you would have to rely on some popular recommendations.


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Before moving any further, you are first required to understand what a network simulator is. As the name suggests, it is software that would be able to simulate a network topology. The network devices in this software aren’t real and would be designed only for helping the students to understand how networks work. If you were going to pursue the CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE certifications, you would require finding the correct network simulator. Also, you would need to find a good and reliable study dumps like the SPOTO Cisco Exam Dumps.

Below mentioned are five best network preparation tools.

  1. EVE-NG

EVE-NG or Emulated Virtual Environment Next Generation is considered a virtual network simulator that would be available in two variations. One is the community edition, which would be free, but if you are looking for more features, you would have to gain the Professional Edition, which you could obtain for $110 per year.

  1. VIRL

VIRL is considered short for Virtual Internet Routing Lab, and it is a virtual network simulator that would be intended for the individuals and the organizations. VIRL is believed to be very similar to Cisco Modeling Labs, and it would be operating identically to GNS3 when it comes to the client or server model.

  1. GNS3

Graphical Network Simulator-3, or GNS3, is considered to be a free and open-source network simulator. It would be based on Python and mainly would be relying on software known as Dynamips for emulating Cisco technologies.

  1. Boson NetSim

Boson NetSim is considered to be another network emulator that would be simulating Cisco routers as well as switches. Boson would be fundamentally an IT training organization that would be known for its Cisco

  1. Cisco Packet Tracer

As the name suggests, Cisco Packet Tracer is considered a Cisco provided network simulator that utilizes Cisco routers and switches in its simulation. It is regarded as one of the best emulators out there, but if you would be looking for more information on this preparation tool, you should go for the Cisco Packet Tracer.


These were some of the best network simulators, and if you were thinking about going for a network-related certificate, you would require one of them. If you were taking a certification exam, one of these emulators would be much able to facilitate your life. With these preparation tools, you could test out several network scenarios and understand how data moves through different networks. There would be lots of many more network simulators, and all would have one of more pros and cons. If you stick to this list, you would be able to find an emulator with minimum problems and would be able to work well for the most part. Chose the one or two you would like the most and utilize it during your Cisco certification exam preparation. Along with these simulators, you should also acquire the study dumps which are offered at the SPOTO. SPOTO Cisco Exam Dumps would be able to help the candidates pass their Cisco Exam in the first attempt.

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