Project management is considered one of the fastest-growing professions, with more than 15 million jobs that could be created expectedly by 2020. To fill these roles, businesses across numerous industries would seek to hire new project managers with the qualifications and expertise necessary to impact their organizations positively.

The CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) and PMP (Project Management Professional) are both considered to be specialized credentials which would be offered through the PMI (Project Management Institute) that would be improving the credibility and offering the professionals opportunities to increase their skills, lead larger projects, as well as advance their careers. Understanding the differences between CAPM and PMP certification is sort of critical for aligning the sort of accreditation with a person’s intended goal of employment. These differences will include prerequisites, cost, level of difficulty, and how the credentials will be perceived industry-wide. If you wish to acquire any of this certification, SPOTO Exam Dumps is your best chance.

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CAPM vs. PMP: Industry-Wide Benefits

Considering CAPM certification is cheaper, more accessible, and requires less time and knowledge than PMP certification, project managers could be asking themselves, Why would I pursue PMP certification? The answer is quite simple. The PMP is considered to be the most significant, industry-recognized certification for project managers across the world.

PMPs work in a wide range of industries in almost all countries. Many employers would require PMP certification when hiring project managers because PMPs will have demonstrated the skills and knowledge necessary for leading complex projects and direct project teams. Organizations complete more projects on time and budget when more than one-third of their project managers are PMP-certified. However, PMPs wouldn’t be just bringing value to their organizations: project managers with a PMP certification would be earning a 20% higher salary than those who are without a PMP certification, according to PMI’s Survey of Earning Power Salary.

While CAPM certification isn’t just as widely-recognized as PMP certification, it would also be demonstrating the knowledge of PMI’s project management framework and project management processes, which could undoubtedly benefit candidates when applying for jobs against those who are without any certification. Additionally, CAPM certified employees would have a working knowledge of the PMBOK Guide, which would eventually serve as an excellent first step to pursue PMP certification.

Project Management Essentials

This 100% online, the instructor-led course would be running for eight weeks and allowing working professionals to gain familiarity with basic project management concepts and terms. By the end of the period, students would define project scope, time, and risk and apply tools, techniques, and processes for ensuring their projects succeed. These courses will fulfill the educational hours required by PMI for taking both the CAPM and PMI exams. PME instructors would be engaging the students in an exciting range of learning activities, including the directed study of the PMBOK Guide, viewing recorded lecture videos, participating in online threaded discussion forums, completing written assignments, and taking quizzes and self-tests.

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