These contractions might puzzle your mind as well as also the definitions sound similar to one another. But if you would be looking more in-depth, you would find the difference from one another. Aspirants would often be confusing with CISA, CISM, and CISSP from one another and take them as the same thing; however, that is not precise.

While IT auditors would pursue CISA, CISM is mainly focused on the IT Information Security Managers, and ISC2 would offer both these credentials. At the same time, CISSP is often focused on somebody who aspires to progress in their career in information security. All these credential has specific prerequisites as well as requires individual experience.

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Earning the Credential

Like all other expert-level certification, obtaining the CISSP isn’t a cakewalk. Eligible candidates are required to:

  • Having at least five years of paid work experience in at least 2 of the total eight domains of CISSP CBK.
  • Passing the CISSP Exam
  • Agreeing to the Code of Ethics
  • And endorsing by an ISC2 professional within nine months of clearing the exam.

Benefits of CISSP

  • In a recent survey, respondents with CISSP certification reports having an average annual salary of about $120,000.
  • There would have been a report which demonstrates usual earnings as $66,078 with salaries topping out at $127,071 approximately, if not more.
  • In the current Global Knowledge report for the average US salary at $109,965, placing the CISSP in the number one speck among cybersecurity credentials.

ISACA Certifications: CISA & CISM

Earning the Credential

There are considered to be prerequisites that every ISACA experience requirement should be followed:

  • There are requirements for the experience.
  • You are required to clear the associated exam.
  • Agreeing to the Code of Professional Ethics as well as the CPE Program.
  • Requiring to meet additional requirements.

Understanding CISM Certification in comparison to CISSP

This is quite an exciting way the comparing both before you go for a conclusion. Both cover cybersecurity as well as managerial concepts. CISSP would be focusing more on the operational side of security, its technical aspects. In contrast, CISM would be designed around the strategic side of safety and its functioning with the business’s goals.

  • It would be designed for Information Security Managers.
  • Targets people who would be designing, managing, assessing infosec environments on an Org. Level.
  • Professionals are required to possess a thorough understanding of available technologies as well as their implementation.
  • Some typical CISM roles include risk management professionals, IS/IT consultants, CIO, and enterprise leadership roles.

Understanding CISA Certification in comparison to CISSP

CISA certification would be focused on IT professionals working in governance as well as audit-related roles. Job roles like the IT or IS auditor or/ audit manager, Non-IT, auditor as well s consultant. You might also observe many CISA professionals in security, assurance, audit control, governance, and enterprise leadership roles.

CISA credential authenticates your knowledge and the ability to assess, audit, monitor, and control an enterprise IT business systems.

Required skills would be reflected in the five job practice domains of CISA:

  • Domain 1: Process of Auditing Information Systems
  • Domain 2: Governance and Management of IT
  • Domain 3: Information Systems Development, Acquisition, and Implementation
  • Domain 4: Information Systems Maintenance, Operations, and Service Management
  • Domain 5: Protection and Information Assets

Now that you have gone through all the differences and similarities with the CISA, CISM, and CISSP Certifications, you must be looking forward to going for one or all. If so, you will need a right and reliable training provider like the SPOTO. SPOTO CISA Exam Dumps, SPOTO CISM Exam Dumps, and SPOTO CISSP Exam Dumps would help you obtain success in the first attempt.

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