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Port security is statically configured on a Cisco Nexus 7700 Series switch and F3 line card. The switch is configured with an Advanced Services license. Which two actions delete secured MAC addresses from the interface? (Choose two.)

A.The interface must be converted to a routed port.
B.The address must reach the age limit that is configured for the interface.
C.The address must be removed from the configuration.
D.The device must be restarted manually.
E.Shutdown and then no shutdown must be run on the interface.

Correct Answer: AC

Which statement describes the MAC address that the FCoE Initialization Protocol chooses for use by an E- Node in an FCoE implementation?

A.The FCoE Initialization Protocol uses the burned-in MAC address of the converged network adapter for all FCoE operations.
B.The FCoE Initialization Protocol uses a 24-bit FC-MAP and concatenates a 24-bit Fibre Channel ID to create a fabric-provided MAC address.
C.The FCoE Initialization Protocol uses 01.00.0C as the first 24 bits of the MAC address and appends a 24-bit Fibre Channel ID to derive a full 48-bit FCoE MAC address.
D.FCoE does not use a MAC address. The FCoE Initialization Protocol is used to acquire a Fibre Channel ID, and the address is used for all FCoE communications in the same way as Fibre Channel Protocol.

Correct Answer: B

What are two requirements when planning a Cisco HyperFlex All Flash standard cluster installation using three HX240c M5 servers? (Choose two.)

A.If the Jumbo MTU option in the HyperFlex installer is enabled, then jumbo frames must also be enabled on the upstream switches.
B.The hypervisors must be installed on Cisco FlexFlash SD cards.
C.If the Jumbo MTU option in the HyperFlex installer is enabled, then jumbo frames do not have to be enabled on the upstream switches.
D.The servers must be discovered, unassociated, and connected to each fabric interconnect.
E.This cluster deployment type must support a mix of HDD and SSD.

Correct Answer: AD


What occurs when running the command install deactivate <filename> while a software maintenance upgrade is performed on a Cisco Nexus 9000 Series switch?

A.The current upgrade stops.
B.The current set of packages is committed.
C.The package is removed from the switch.
D.The package features for the line card are disabled.

Correct Answer: D

Which two components should be checked when a Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switch fails to boot using POAP? (Choose two.)

A.image noted in the script file against switch bootflash
B.DHCP server to bootstrap IP information
C.script signed with a security key
D.TFTP server that contains the configuration script
E.POAP feature license Correct Answer: BD
Which two actions should be taken before an upgrade is started on a Cisco MDS switch? (Choose two.)

A.check the impact of the upgrade using the show install all impact command
B.disable Cisco Fabric Services
C.make the primary supervisor the active supervisor
D.back up the configuration up space on the USB3 device by deleting old Cisco NX-OS image files

Correct Answer: AD

An engineer is running an ACI fabric, has VMM integration with VMware vCenter, and wants to enable micro-segmentation based on vCenter VM attributes. Which statement describes micro-segmentation in this scenario?

A.ACI does not support micro-segmentation based on vCenter VIM attributes. The network attributes should be used for micro-segmentation.
B.An ACI micro-segmented EPG automatically creates a port group with a private VLAN configured on a VMware vCenter distributed virtual
C.When enabled, micro-segmentation performs distributed switching and routing on the ESXi hosts.
D.Microsegmentation is supported only using AVE or AVS.

Correct Answer: C

An engineer updated the firmware on Fabric Interconnects and activates it. However, the endpoint fails to boot from the new firmware image. What is expected to occur in this case?

A.The system defaults to the GOLD firmware image
B.The system defaults to the backup image version
C.The system defaults to and boots into kickstart image
D.The system defaults to and boots into the GOLD firmware image

Correct Answer: B

Which virtual MAC address is the default for HSRP version 2 group 10?

A. 0000.5E00.0110
B. 0000.0C9F.F010
D. 0000.0C9F.F00A

Correct Answer: D

An engineer is configuring AAA authentication on an MDS 9000 switch. The LDAP server is located under the IP The data sent to the LDAP server should be encrypted. Which command should be used to meet these requirements?

A.ldap-server host key SSL_KEY
B.ldap-server key SSL_KEY
C.ldap-server host enable-ssl
D.ldap-server port 443

Correct Answer: C

A server engineer wants to control power usage on a Cisco UCS C-Series rack server down to the component level. Which two components support specific power limits? (Choose two.)

B.graphic card
C.processor controller controller

Correct Answer: AC

Multiple roles are applied to a user on the Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switch. Which statement describes the result of this configuration?

A.Any commands that have conflicting settings between roles are denied.
B.Access to a command takes priority over being denied access to a command.
C.The first role assigned takes precedence over subsequent roles
D.The last role assigned takes precedence over previous roles.

Correct Answer: C

An engineer must configure RBAC in Cisco UCS Manager in an existing data center environment Which two roles can be used to configure LAN connectivity policies? (Choose two.)

Correct Answer: AC

What are the two types of FC/FCoE oversubscription ratios? (Choose two.)

A.server storage to end-node count
B.port bandwidth to uplink bandwidth
C.edge ISL bandwidth to core ISL bandwidth bandwidth to storage bandwidth
E.switch processing power to end-node processing power

Correct Answer: CD

Which configuration statically assigns VSAN membership to a virtual Fibre Channel interface?

A.switch(config-vsan-db)# vsan 100 interface vfc 31
B.switch(config-vsan-db)# vsan 100 bind interface vfc 31
C.switch(config-vsan-db)# vsan 100 fc 3/1
D.switch(config-vsan-DB)# vsan 100 bind interface FC 3/1

Correct Answer: A

An engineer is configuring a VHBA template in UCS Manager. The engineer needs to specify the logical addresses used by the vHBA and the path through which the SAN traffic flows. Which two resources must be specified in the vHBA template? (Choose two.)

C.MAC addresses
E.Fabric ID

Correct Answer: BE

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