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Azure AZ-500 exam Overview:

This exam will test the Azure security engineers about identifying and resolving vulnerabilities utilizing different security tools. The exam would also be testing the candidates on responding to security incidents and implementing threat protection.

The exam would consist of about 50 to 60 questions based on the AZ-500 Azure security technologies study guide. These questions would be available as multiple select as well as multiple-choice questions. You would require to know that the questions cover all topics and subtopics in the study guide.

Here we are going to Microsoft Azure AZ-500 Exam.

  1. Learn the Domains utilizing Microsoft Resources

Candidates would be required to learn about the topics which would be covered in the Azure Certification exam. These topics are going to act as a blueprint, and you could find numerous pieces of information.

This would be including:

  • Data and Application Security
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Implementing Platform Protection
  • Security Operations Management
  1. Utilize Online Resources

Besides the resources which would be made available by Microsoft, you could use Thomas Thornton’s preparation guide for Azure AZ-500 Exam. The study guide would be touching on the domains that would be discussed above and providing the notes for each topic and a subtopic.

Thomas Thornton would be recommending the highlighting or color-coding of each subject you study. For instance, you could color-code issues you wouldn’t be familiar with in red and those you would be having a full understanding of in green.

Apart from color coding, Thornton would be recommending comparing definitions as well as other features on Azure. You are required to know that reading the notes available on Thomas Thornton’s website would take a few weeks. For instance, you could cover Manage identity and access in a week followed by Implement Platform protection in another week. It means that you could cover all four domains in a month.

  1. Take a Practice Exam

Study resources and materials are considered to be quite essential for passing the exam, but they would be only half of it. To take the AZ-500 exam, you are required to practice. What better way than to take practice exams, which would be available online.

These practice exams are usually divided into topics as well as provide the experience of a real examination. By taking the practice exams, you would improve your confidence when you appear in the actual exam.

Each database would consist of 100 to 150 questions, and the exam will last for 2 hours, just like the real one. Besides improving your confidence, practice tests provide quick results as well as detailed reports about your performance. As such, you could discover your weaknesses and strengths in the different AZ-500 domains.

  1. Use Microsoft AZ-500 Exam Dumps

Most IT professionals who would have cleared this exam before have utilized the actual exam dumps from a reliable and valid source, like the SPOTO. SPOTO AZ-500 Exam dumps are available in PDF format, and you could use them at your own pace. You could download the dumps to your tablet, PC, Mac, or smartphone. The dumps are consisting of questions and answers valid for the preparation of the AZ-500 exam in 2020.

If you wish to clear AZ-500 Exam on your very first attempt, you must opt for the SPOTO AZ-500 Exam Dumps to ensure your success. SPOTO AZ-500 Exam Dumps are crafted by professionals who have about 17 years of experience and hence are considered to be quite resourceful to achieve your dream certification.

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