Microsoft’s Azure Fundamentals certification is considered to be designed for both IT and nontechnical professionals who would be willing to authenticate the foundational understanding and knowledge of cloud services, particularly those offered by Microsoft Azure.

Because cloud computing is considered overlooking enterprise infrastructure steadily, showing proficiency in Azure is a concrete career choice. No matter whether you would be willing to be a cloud developer, a business decision-maker, or even if you would be in sales and marketing.

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What is the AZ-900 Exam?

The AZ-900 exam would be testing the professional understands of cloud concepts, privacy, security, core Azure services, compliance, trust, Azure pricing, and support. This exam would be including general concepts like elasticity, scalability, as well as IaaS vs. PaaS.

You would also require recognizing and understanding the Azure-specific technologies such as Azure ML, Azure IoT Hub, and Azure SQL DB.

The exam would be costing you about USD 99, contains 40 to 60 questions, and has an 85-minute time limit. A clearing score is 700 points, or roughly 70 percent. Being an entry-level exam, AZ-900 is considered a launchpad for various cloud-based roles and other certifications. It would be designed for building the foundation professionals required to pursue cloud-based roles.

Once you would have obtained, professionals could branch out into various roles based on more specific associate-level exams, like AZ-103 for Azure Administrator or AZ-203, Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure. Eventually, professionals could reach expert level certifications utilizing exams like the AZ-300, Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies.

How Hard is AZ-900?

As an entry-level exam that’s would be suitable for nontechnical professionals, the AZ-900 is undoubtedly on the easier side, which would be compared to other IT exams. But don’t blunder it for a walk in the park. To pass, you would require a good study plan, and if you would be a beginner to cloud technologies, the material could be complicated even if you would have IT experience.

Still, as per the words of Perth Ngarmtrakulchol, it would be possible to clear the AZ-900 exam after just three days of full-time studying, which would be much shorter than other IT certification exams.

Other professionals, like Shane Bartholomeusz, spent a month reviewing the material before passing the exam. The AZ-900 exam would be taking a high-level approach to cloud computing knowledge.

For example, you might have asked why a command is utilized rather than to offer or identify the order. It wouldn’t go too far into the weeds when it would be coming to technical knowledge but instead would challenge your broad understanding of the Azure platform.


At first glance, the AZ-900 exam would be appearing to be one of the easiest IT certifications on the market, but that wouldn’t mean it isn’t going to be challenging. It would still be an IT exam, and most of them would be quite dense, if not difficult.

IT is considered a lucrative career because it would be taking effort, time, and dedication to become proficient. The same would be right for exams that authenticate IT skills. This makes AZ-900 is considered to be a great place to begin if you wish to pursue a cloud-based role. It would be ensuring you would be having the necessary foundation required to work with cloud technologies.

Now that you have acquired the knowledge of the AZ-900 Exam and how hard the exam will be, it is suggested to get yourself indulge in the SPOTO AZ-900 Exam Dumps to achieve sure-shot success.

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