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The following is the Newest ISACA CRISC exam demos:

1.Which of the following data would be used when performing a business impact analysis (BIA)?
A.Projected impact of current business on future business
B.Cost of regulatory compliance
C.Cost-benefit analysis of running the current business
D.Expected costs for recovering the business
Answer: A

2.Which of the following would be a weakness in procedures for controlling the migration of changes to production libraries?
A.Test and production programs are in distinct libraries.
B.Only operations personnel are authorized to access production libraries.
C.The programming project leader solely reviews test results before approving the transfer to production
D.A synchronized migration of executable and source code from the test environment to the production environment is allowed.
Answer: C

3.An organization is considering adopting artificial intelligence (AI). Which of the following is the risk practitioner’s MOST important course of action?
A.Ensure sufficient pre-implementation testing.
B.Develop key risk indicators (KRIs).
C.Identify applicable risk scenarios.
D.Identify the organization’s critical data.
Answer: C

4.Which of the following should be a risk practitioner’s MOST important consideration when developing IT risk scenarios?
A.The impact of controls on the efficiency of the business in delivering services
B.Results of network vulnerability scanning and penetration testing
C.Potential threats and vulnerabilities that may have an impact on the business
D.Linkage of identified risk scenarios with enterprise risk management
Answer: C

5.A management team is on an aggressive mission to launch a new product to penetrate new markets and overlooks IT risk factors, threats, and vulnerabilities. This scenario BEST demonstrates an organization’s risk:
Answer: D

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