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William works for TPT Ltd. His team has been asked to host data on AWS Cloud, with the given the key requirements –

(1) Ability to store JSON documents

(2) High availability and durability

Which of the following is an ideal storage mechanism that should be employed by William and his team to meet this requirement?
B.Amazon EFS
C.None of these
D.Amazon Redshift
E.AWS CloudFormation

Given customers are allowed to upload their orders to an S3 bucket in a web application. The resulting Amazon S3 events trigger a Lambda function that inserts a message to an SQS queue. In a DynamoDB table which is partitioned by a unique ID, a single EC2 instance reads the messages from the queue, processes them, and then stores them. John works as a Solutions Architect in TPT Ltd. has been asked to review the architecture for all possible scaling problems due to an expected increase by a factor of 10 in the next month’s traffic. For John to scale up and accommodate the new traffic which of the following components most definitely needs re-architecting?
A.Lambda function
B.EC2 instance
C.None of these
D.SQS queue
E.DynamoDB table

William is a Solutions Architect working in TPT Ltd. He has been asked to design a critical business application with a relational database that runs on an EC2 instance. This application requires a single EBS volume that can support up to 16,000 IOPS. In order to meet the performance requirements of this application which Amazon EBS volume type should William use?
A.All of these
B.EBS Provisioned IOPS SSD
C.EBS General Purpose SSD
E.EBS Throughput Optimized HDD

An application that runs on EC2 instances processes sensitive information stored on Amazon S3. This sensitive information is being accessed over the internet. The security team is concerned regarding the security risk caused by Internet connectivity to Amazon S3. Which of the following options would you recommend in this scenario? Access the data through a VPN connection.
A.None of these
B.Access the data through an Internet Gateway.
C.Access the data through a NAT Gateway.
D.Access the data through a VPC endpoint for Amazon S3.

John has developed an application with an initial storage capacity of 8 TB, that requires a highly available relational database. This database will grow by 8 GB every day. Now, in order to handle database reads to support expected traffic, a minimum of 8 read replicas will be required. Which of the following should John use to meet these requirements?
A.None of these
B.Amazon S3
C.Amazon Aurora
D.Amazon DynamoDB
E.Amazon Redshift

John who is working with TPT Ltd. has been asked to develop an application that saves the logs to an Amazon S3 bucket. Also, the user is required to maintain the logs for one month for troubleshooting purposes and then purge the logs. Which of the following options will enable this feature?
A.All of these
B.Configuring lifecycle configuration rules on the S3 bucket.
C.Adding a bucket policy on the S3 bucket.
D.Enabling CORS on the S3 bucket.
E.Creating an IAM policy for the S3 bucket.

Mark is a Solutions Architect in TPT Ltd. responsible for designing a shared service for hosting containers from various customers on Amazon ECS. These containers will use numerous AWS services. It is required that the container from one customer shouldn’t be able to access the data from another customer. Marks has been asked to suggest an appropriate solution to meet the above requirements. What should he do in this case?
A.IAM roles for tasks
B.IAM Instance profile for EC2 Instances
C.Security Group rules
D.All of these
E.C85IAM roles for EC2 Instances

TPT Ltd. has developed a highly available web application using stateless web servers. Which of the given are the most appropriate services used for storing session state data? (1) Cloud Watch to store data (2) DynamoDB (3) Elastic Load Balancing to be used (4) ElastiCache (5) Storage Gateway.
A.Only 4 and 5
B.Only 1, 3 and 5
C.Only 2, 3 and 4
D.All of these
E.Only 2 and 4

TPT Ltd. is building an Amazon Redshift cluster in their shared services Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). This cluster will host sensitive data. John who is working with TPT Ltd. has been asked to suggest a solution to control the network that can access the cluster. Which of the following options should John choose to meet the requirement?
A.Create a database user inside the Amazon Redshift cluster only for users on the network.
B.Run the cluster in a different VPC and connect through VPC peering.
C.None of these
D.Define a cluster security group for the cluster that allows access from the allowed networks.
E.Only allows access to networks that connect with the shared services network via VPN.

TPT Ltd. stores an access key including access key ID and secret access key on a customer AMI in a text file. The access key is used to access DynamoDB tables from instances created from the AMI. Given a more secure option has been mandated by the security team. Choose the option which can meet the security’s team mandate in this case.
A.Pass the access key to the instance through instance user data.
B.Obtain the access key from a key server launched in a private subnet.
C.Create an IAM role with permissions to access the table, and launch all instances with the new roll
D.None of these
E.Put the access key in an S3 bucket, and retrieve the access key on boot from the instance

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