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1.A local user account (Users) on the BIG-IP device is assigned the User Manager role. User1 attempts to modify the properties of another account (User2), but the action fails. The BIG-IP Administrator can successfully modify the User2 account.

Assuming the principle of least privilege, what is the correct way to allow User 1 to modify User2 properties?

A. Move User2 to the same partition as User1
B. Grant User1 administrative privileges
C. Move User to the same partition as User2
D. Modify the partition access for User 1
Answer: D

2.Refer to the exhibit.

A BIG-IP Administrator needs to configure health monitors for a newly configured server pool named Pool_B.
Which health monitor settings will ensure that all pool members will be accurately marked as available or unavailable?
A. HTTPS, HTTP, FTP, and ICMP, with the Availability Requirement of all health monitors
B. HTTPS, HTTP, FTP, and SSH, with the Availability Requirement of at least one monitor
C. HTTPS and HTTP with the Availability Requirement of at least one health monitor
D. HTTPS, HTTP, FTP, and SSH with the Availability Requirement of all health monitors
Answer: B


Refer to the exhibit
Which two pool members are eligible to receive new connections? (Choose two)
Answer: BD


A BIG-IP Administrator notices that one of the servers that runs an application is NOT receiving any traffic. The BIG-IP Administrator examines the configuration status of the application and observes the displayed monitor configuration and affected Pool Member status.
What is the possible cause of this issue?
A. The Node Health Monitor is NOT responding.
B. The application is NOT responding with the expected Receive String.
C. HTTP 1.1 is NOT appropriate for monitoring purposes.
D. The BIG-IP device is NOT able to reach the Pool.
Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit
A BIG-IP Administrator configures a Virtual Server to handle HTTPS traffic. Users report that the application is NOT working.
Which actional configuration is regard to resolve this issue?
A. Configure SSL Profile (Client)
B. Configure Protocol Profile (Server)
C. Configure Service Profile HTTP
D. Configure SSL Profile (Server)
Answer: A

6. A BIG-IP Administrator need to ensure that a pool member and down by the monitor the BIG-IP system sends existing connections to another be pool member.
Which should the BIG-IP Administrator perform to meet this goal?

A. Set Action on Service Down setting under the server configuration to reselect.
B. Reconfigure the pool motor members as UP.
C. Enable mirroring within the persistence profile.
D. Set Action Service Down setting under the pool configuration to reselect.
Answer: D

7.A BIG-IP device has only LTM and ASM modules provisioned. Both have nominal provisioning level. The BIG-IP Administrator wants to dedicate more resources to the LTM module. The ASM module must remain enabled.

Which tmsh command should the BIG-IP Administrator execute to obtain the desired result?

A. modify/sys provision asm level minimum
B. modify /sys provision Itm level dedicated
C. modify /sys provision asm level none
D. modify /sys provision Itm level minimum
Answer: A

8.A BIG-IP Administrator has created a UCS Archive using the CLI with the following command:

When logging into the GUI, the administrator is unable to view the UCS Archive.
What is the reason for this problem?
A. The UCS Archive was created with the “no-platform” syntax.
B. The UCS Archive did NOT contain the private keys.
C. The UCS Archive was encrypted.
D. The UCS Archive was NOT saved to the default directory.
Answer: C

9.The BIG-IP Administrator has downloaded a Software Release ISO. The administrator needs to deploy it to the BIG-IP device. What is the next step required to deploy this new software version to the BIG-IP device?

A. Delete the contents of a volume
B. Import the ISO to the BIG-IP device
C. Mount the ISO
D. Burn the ISO to a DVD

Answer: B

10.A BIG-IP Administrator uses backend servers to host multiple services per server. There are multiple virtual servers and pools defined, referencing the same backend servers.
Which load-balancing algorithm is most appropriate to have an equal number of connections on each backend server?

A. Least Connections (member)
B. Least Connections (node)
C. Predictive (member)
D. Predictive (node)
Answer: B

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