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1.An LTM Specialist has configured a high availability pair of LTM VIPRION devices (LTM1 is active and LTM2 is standby). VLAN Fail-safe is LTM devices are powered off.
The network switch connected to LTM1 is powered off first. Afterward the network switch connected to LTM2is powered off.

What is the HA status of the LTM devices before powering on both switches?

A. Active device: becomes standby
Standby device: remains standby
B. Active device: becomes standby
Standby device: becomes active
C. Active device: remains active
Standby device: remains standby
D. Active device: remains active
Standby device: becomes active
Answer: A


Refer to the exhibit.
An LTM Specialist is troubleshooting a secure website that is inaccessible when using the Virtual Server on the LTM device. A tcpdump performed on the LTM device on the same VLAN where the Virtual Server exists is shown.
Why is the website inaccessible?

A. There are NO available pool members in the associated pool.
B. The client is using an incompatible cipher suite.
C. An SSL client profile is NOT associated with the Virtual Server.
D. A port 80 redirect Virtual Server does NOT exist.
Answer: C

3.Given the output below.

What is the likely resource constraint?
A. Load average values are too high.
B. Device is running out of swap space.
C. Not enough memory is cached in buffers.
D. CPU usage is too high.
Answer: C

An LTM Specialist needs to upgrade a DSC that consists of three LTM devices: LTM_01, LTM_02, and LTM_03. The cluster is operating in an N+1 scenario. LTM_01 is active for traffic group TG1. LTM_O2 is active for traffic group TG2.
What is the correct order to upgrade the DSC to a new version of software to minimize downtime and maintain maximum performance?
A. LTM_03, and then LTM_02 and LTM_01 in any order
B. LTM_01, LTM_02, and LTM_03
C. LTM_03, move all TGs to LTM_03, then either LTM_02 or LTM_01
D. LTM_02, and then LTM_01 and LTM_03 in any order
Answer: C

Refer to the iRule shown:

What is the purpose of this iRule?
A. to redirect an HTTP request to an HTTPS destination, inserting client verification ID
B. to redirect a client based on session verification
C. to insert a session definition into an HTTPS redirect
D. to redirect an HTTP request to an HTTPS destination
Answer: D



What type of monitor is in use?
B. TCP-Syn-Only
D. TCP-Half-Open
Answer: D

7.An LTM Specialist is planning an upgrade for a high-availability pair of LTM devices. The last time the LTM devices were upgraded was more than 3 years ago.
Which two steps should the LTM Specialist perform to minimize application downtime during the upgrade? (Choose two).

A. Perform “force standby” on the standby LTM device.
B. Perform “end user diagnostic” on the LTM devices.
C. Perform “reactivate license” on the LTM devices.
D. Perform “full_box_reboot” on the standby LTM device.
E. Perform “archive back up” on the LTM devices.
Answer: CE

8. An LTM Specialist needs to test sending custom Referer: strings to test a web application.
Which tool should the LTM Specialist use?
A. snmpwalk
B. ssldump
C. tcpdump
D. httpwatch
Answer: D

9. An LTM Specialist notices device trust issues between the three members of the cluster. Connectivity is confirmed as working between the
What action should the LTM Specialist take next?
A. Verify that NTP is synchronized.
B. Verify that mcpd is running.
C. Verify that the SNMP configuration is valid.
D. Verify that autosync is enabled.
Answer: A

10. Refer to the configuration and traces shown.

Ping is NOT working for vs_http.
Which modification should the LTM Specialist make to solve the problem?
A. Change ip-protocol to * All Protocols
B. Configure an ICMP monitor
C. Enable ICMP-echo
D. Configure an ICMP profile

Answer: C

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