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What provides certificate and license management services?

A. Auto Deploy
B. Unified Access Gateway
C. vCenter Service
D. Platform Services Controller

Correct Answer: D

A cluster contains database VMs with low utilization, except during a weekly data load that causes extremely high utilization. As DRS balances the VM load, there is an extended period of slow performance.
Which two actions could be taken to reduce the impact of the recurring data load? (Choose two.)

A. Increase the number of vCPUs on the database VMs.
B. Enable VMware vRealize Operations Manager Integration with VMware vCenter.
C. Enable Proactive HA on the cluster.
D. Enable Predictive DRS on the cluster.
E. Increase the RAM allocated to the database VMs.

Correct Answer: BD

A user asks for a VM to be deployed that must remain on the same host at all times. How should DRS be configured for the VM?

A. Use cluster settings
B. Partially Automated
C. Fully Automated
D. Disabled

Correct Answer: D

A vSphere administrator wants to ensure provisioned virtual machine storage objects are allocated to guarantee a service level agreement.

Which feature would accomplish this?

A. Storage policy
B. VAIO Filtering
C. Storage I/O Control
D. Storage DRS

Correct Answer: D

A vSphere administrator wants to deploy a new vCenter Server 6.7 with an embedded Platform Services Controller in the environment. What is an advantage of this deployment?

A. VC and PSC are local to each other.
B. Fewer services run on the VC
C. Fewer services run on the PSC
D. VCHA is not needed.

Correct Answer: A

A VM is experiencing inconsistent network connectivity between two ESXi hosts connecting to the same physical switches. The inconsistency effect is this: vMotion from host 1 to host 2; a network connection is down vMotion from host 2 to host 1, a network connection is up vMotion from host 1 to host 2, a network connection is up.
The vSphere administrator wants to ensure the physical switches connecting to the ESXi are configured correctly. How can this be accomplished?

A. Use Network Health Check to verify the VLAN trunks on VSS
B. Use vSphere Health Check to verify on MTU settings on VDS
C. Use Network Health Check to verify the VLAN trunks on VDS
D. Use Network Health Check to verify MTU settings on VSS

Correct Answer: D

An administrator runs multiple clusters spread across multiple vCenters. The administrator needs to be able to migrate any VM to any collection. On which two vCenter Server objects could the administrator configure EVC mode to fulfill this requirement? (Choose two.)

B. resource pool
C. datacenter
D. cluster
E. folder

Correct Answer: AD

What happens within the network when a customer uses a vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS), and vCenter is offline?

A. An isolation event occurs.
B. Network is lost.
C. Packets continue to be forwarded.
D. Network runs with intermittent failures.

Correct Answer: C

Which permission should be granted to a user with Administrator permission and with no access to the encrypted VM console?

A. New role with no Cryptographic Operations
B. Administrator role and Read-Only Role
C. Administrator role
D. No Cryptography Administrator role

Correct Answer: D

A VM is created with a thin provisioned disk. Which two requirements are needed to inflate the disk? (Choose two.)

A. Right-click .vmx and select Inflate
B. Right-click .vmdk and select Inflate
C. Reboot the VM
D. Power off the VM
E. Edit the .vmdk file

Correct Answer: BD

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