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An administrator needs to separate the traffic of virtual machine live migrations from all other traffic. Which TCP/IP stack meets this requirement?

A. Fault Tolerance logging TCP/IP stack
B. Provisioning TCP/IP stack
C. vMotion TCP/IP stack
D. Management TCP/IP stack

Correct Answer: C

Which feature helps maintain zero data loss when a VM on an ESXi server fails unexpectedly?

A. vMotion
B. Fault Tolerance
C. Storage vMotion
D. vSphere High Availability

Correct Answer: D

A vSphere operator finds this error message:
Device or filesystem with identifier [naa.6000eb31dffdc33a000000000000002a] has entered the All Paths Down state. What should the operator conclude from this error message?

A. A host Is Inaccessible, and migration of affected VMs is expected.
B. A host failed, and automated recovery of affected VMs Is expected.
C. A storage device has failed and is not expected to become available.
D. A storage device is inaccessible and is expected to become available.

Correct Answer: C

During a virtual machine migration, which VMkernel networking layer handles the traffic?

A. Fault Tolerance
B. IP storage
D. vSphere vMotion

Correct Answer: B

What is a benefit of VMware vSphere Storage APIs – Data Protection?

A. It enables centralized, off-host. LAN-free backup of vSphere virtual machines.
B. It allows backup of a virtual machine with a backup agent in the guest OS.
C. It increases ESX host resources to do backup processing.
D. It facilitates decentralized, on-host, LAN-free backup of vSphere virtual machines.

Correct Answer: A

A system administrator has to configure several virtual machines for different business units. The administrator needs to enable features that allow overcommitment of resources while adhering to the business requirements and different department performance SLAs. Which two features should the administrator enable to achieve this goal? (Choose two.)

A. vSphere Distributed Power Management
B. vSphere Fault Tolerance
C. vSphere Resource Pools
D. vSphere High Availability
E. vSphere Storage I/O Control

Correct Answer: CE

Which feature must be enabled to use vSphere Fault Tolerance?

A. vSphere DRS
B. vSphere Replication
C. vSphere HA

Correct Answer: C

What is the default encrypted vSphere vMotion state for virtual machines that are not encrypted?

A. Disabled
B. Required
C. Opportunistic
D. Enabled

Correct Answer: C

An administrator is migrating 100 virtual machines from one ESXi host to another. The current lGigE network cards are only migrating four virtual machines simultaneously. Which action should the administrator take to increase that number to eight?

A. Add more memory to the ESXi hosts
B. Add a lOGIgE network card to each ESXi host
C. Configure port mirroring
D. Configure Load Balancing

Correct Answer: C

Which event type indicates a Fatal problem has occurred in the system, and the process or operation will be terminated?

A. Information
B. Audit
C. Error
D. Warning

Correct Answer: D


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