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An administrator configures three different storage profiles – Gold Storage, Silver Storage, and Bronze Storage. When requesting a specific blueprint, a Service Broker user should be able to select either storage. Which type of tag should the administrator add to the storage profile to support this requirement?

A. Constraint tag
B. Capability tag
C. Standard tag
D. Storage tag

Correct Answer: D

While deploying a virtual machine blueprint, an administrator encounters the following error: Error: com.vmware.xenon.common.LocalizableValidationException: Unable to find a valid subnet for network ‘Network_External’ of type ‘EXISTING’ with constraints ‘[dc:metro, tier:1]’, reasons: [Network profile ‘publicnet / Metro’ was skipped because [Network [Network_External] allocation: cannot allocate a network with static IP ranges for profile ‘publicnet / Metro’.]]
Where should the administrator start to troubleshoot?

A. Cloud Zones
B. Projects
C. Network Profiles
D. Tags

Correct Answer: C

Where can an administrator examine the commands sent to cloud-config by vRealize Automation during machine provisioning?

A. Extensibility > Library > Workflow Runs
B. Infrastructure > Activity > Events Log
C. Deployment > Provisioning Diagram > Dev Mode
D. Extensibility > Activity > Workflow Runs

Correct Answer: C

An administrator is configuring a cloud account for Microsoft Azure. Which piece of information must the administrator provide to add this cloud account successfully?

A. Username
B. IP address
C. Password
D. Subscription ID

Correct Answer: D

Which command should an administrator run to check the status of vRealize Automation services?
A. kubectl cluster-info -n prelude
B. vracli status
C. kubectl -n prelude get pods
D. vracli org-OAuth-apps

Correct Answer: C

What are two prerequisites for a vRealize Automation standard deployment? (Choose two.)

A. IPv6 addresses
B. DHCP server
C. IPv4 addresses
D. Load Balancer
E. DNS server

Correct Answer: CE

An administrator must restrict the number of memory resources available for a specific group of users. On which component would the administrator configure this?

A. Projects
B. Cloud Accounts
C. Cloud Zones
D. Flavor Mappings

Correct Answer: A

Which step must an administrator take when performing a vRealize Automation manual installation using Lifecycle Manager?

A. Configure an additional network interface
B. Set up a certificate in the certificate locker
C. Configure storage policies
D. Integrate Active Directory

Correct Answer: B

An administrator wants to simplify the cloud configuration as much as possible. Recently the administrator was asked to simplify the blueprint creation and requesting process. The goal is to create a single blueprint deployed to different cloud accounts available in the environment. Depending on the cloud, the appropriate template should be used. Which vRealize Automation construct can the administrator use to achieve this goal?

A. Image Mappings
B. Customization Specifications
C. Flavor Mappings
D. Storage Profiles
Correct Answer: B

Which vRealize Suite product helps an administrator understand the monetary impact of individual deployments and manage costs in vRealize Automation?

A. vRealize Log Insight
B. vRealize Operations
C. vRealize Network Insight
D. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

Correct Answer: B


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