Cisco’s CCNA is broadly viewed as the lord of systems administration accreditations, and numerous fruitful IT vocations have been based on its establishment. It’s one of those certs that can take you from setting up little office organizations to working in gleaming venture server farms and superb ISP spine conditions.

While thinking about a future vocation in any field, it’s ideal to have choices, and you have an option in contrast to working with Cisco: Juniper Networks. In truth, Juniper is the solitary other option, yet hello, it’s a choice and an incredible one at that!

Suppose you are confirmed in CCNA or a higher accreditation as of now. In that case, it’s never past the point where it is possible to dive into another universe of systems administration with Juniper items. We have a lot of Juniper preparing to kick you off or help you advance.

In this post, we investigate the contrasts between Cisco and Juniper for those of you pondering a difference in landscape and for the individuals who are just interested in their alternatives. You may likewise need to investigate our blog entry, Crossing Over to Juniper.

1) Juniper is making progress and keeping it:

Cisco was worth more than $500 billion during the website bubble, making it the world’s most significant organization. Be that as it may, Cisco scarcely had the opportunity to settle for the status quo before Juniper Networks went along and cornered more than 30% of the specialist organization market with their line of center switches in the mid-2000s.

What’s more, for as far back as ten years, Juniper has safeguarded that piece of the overall industry bravely. Even though Juniper’s U.S. piece of the pie for center switches in 2014 was just 24%, 2015 saw them skip back up to 28%, contrasted with Cisco’s 49% offer.

2) Niche abilities = dollar notes:

Juniper specialists are a lot harder to discover than other affirmed masters. Observing the law of market interest, they likewise get paid more.

Juniper’s unpleasant likeness to the CCNA affirmation is the JNCIA-Junos. that CCNA affirmed experts bring home around $63K every year, though those holding a JNCIA are taking a gander at $78K all things considered.

3) Speed, straightforwardness, adaptability:

Juniper’s equipment is worked starting from the earliest stage to be acceptable at a specific something: sending information to where it’s intended to be just about as quick as machinery conceivable. This is accomplished by custom ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits), which are electronic chips intended to do a portion of the challenging work that would somehow or another be done in programming.

The working framework utilized in Juniper switches, Junos OS, is comparably astutely planned. Because of FreeBSD, the real benefit of Junos’ OS over Cisco’s Linux-based IOS lies in its effortlessness, adaptability, and measured quality.

4) Lead the accuse of Software Defined Networking:

When distributed computing and virtualization went standard in IT, network engineers more likely than not felt somewhat left out. Fortunately for them, that is by and large where the fate of systems administration is going with the resurgence of software-defined networking.

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