The demand for CCIE certified engineers in the networking industry is enormous, and networking specialists have become inevitable for IT companies. That’s why CCIE is a stepping stone to high-end careers around the world.

Due to COVID-19, Cisco CCIE lab exam centers have been closed. The good news is that some lab centers are now open in Beijing, Brussels, Dubai, Sydney, Tokyo, and other locations. Can the reopening of your Cisco CCIE lab exam center be far away? After relentless efforts, SPOTO has launched the latest CCIE Instructor Verified Real Lab Exam Training Courses for 2021 with huge discounts! More surprises are available in this post.

SPOTO CCIE EI/DC/SEC/SP Lab Pre-sale is coming! 

SPOTO pass the min score of the new lab! You can get the latest CCIE EI/DC/SEC/SP lab exam workbooks and solutions and begin to practice right now! Contact us to try the free demo!

If you want to prepare for the lab exam this year, now it’s the best time to get SPOTO updated lab service with a huge discount! We can hold your service according to your schedule. 

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SPOTO CCIE Lab Training Service Package Includes:

With 2100+ CCIE passing results, SPOTO aims to help you get CCIE certified with minimum time and money!

  • 1. Real CCIE Lab exam workbooks and solutions (Module 1 + Module 2)
  • 2. Remote rack access for practicing lab-including IOS, init configuration, etc.   
  • 3. 7/24 instant support by WhatsApp, Skype, email…   
  • 4. CCIE instructor/tutor technical support 
  • 5. Tutorial video that explains workbook and solution 
  • 6. Latest exam feedback.
  • 7. Keep update with free  
  • 8. Guarantee workbook and solution pass

Why SPOTO Is the Best for CCIE Lab Exam Prep?

SPOTO Others
Passing Candidates


60 candidates take exam per month, update daily

Passing Candidates

Less than 100 CCIE

5 Candidates Taking Exam per Month

Passing Rate

Up to 90%- Students pass in 1st try

Passing Rate

Lower than 35%-Students fail many times

Prepare Time

1.5-3 months or less

Prepare Time

6+ months

Workbooks and Solutions

100% real as the exam and latest feedback/update

Workbooks and Solutions

Not real exam

Practice Environment

Real lab environment for practice

(complete physics devices to schedule any time)

Practice Environment

It is virtual device


7/24 instant live support within 30 minutes response



Professional Tutor Team

Experienced CCIE Certified instructors and tutors

Only Materials without service and update
18-Year Experience in IT Training Less than 2 years


1. What is the new CCIE Lab exam format?


The new CCIE Lab Exam covers the following two modules.

Module 1: Design

You will have 3 hours to complete the scenario-based DES module. 

Module 2: Deploy, Operate, and Optimize. 

You need 5 hours to take the DOO module with the format of hand-on + web-based items.

SPOTO provides the latest & actual Module 1 and Module 2 service package for you to fully prepare for your lab exam!

2. What is the SPOTO lab service process? 

Step 1. Payment and timely materials delivery

After confirming your payment information, we will send LAB materials to your email within 30 minutes, include workbook, solution, tutorial video, and so on.

Step 2. Practice real exam materials with CCIE Instructor support:

  • 100% real workbooks and solutions
  • Tutorial video, user guide, and study plan
  • Remote rack access for lab practicing
  • 1v1 CCIE tutor technical support anytime

Step 3. Pass the lab exam and get CCIE certified

  • Passing Candidates: 2100+CCIE 
  • Participating Number: 60 candidates/month, update daily
  • Passing Rate: Up to 90% of students pass in 1st try
  • Prepare Time: 1.5-3 months or less


SPOTO is a leader in IT Certification exam training for 18 years. We offer 100% real Cisco CCNA, CCNP exam dumps, CCIE Lab study materials, and other IT exam dumps and reference materials to help thousands of candidates to pass their IT exams on the first try! 

  • 100% Real CCIE Lab Exam Workbooks and Solutions
  • 100% Real CCIE Lab Exam Environment
  • Online and Physic Rack Access 
  • 7/24 Technical Support 
  • 2100+ CCIE Pass Results
  • Latest exam feedback

In conclusion 

SPOTO CCIE lab service pre-sale offers the latest exam materials with a huge discount for you to practice right now after payment!  

If you want to better prepare for the new CCIE lab exam, get started today and get CCIE certified tomorrow!

Latest passing report-100% pass guarantee

Last modified: 2021-05-11



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