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At Microsoft, there is no fixed screening or configuration – it changes between item gatherings and groups. Notwithstanding, the most well-known interaction comprises 4-5 rounds zeroed in on testing the competitor’s insightful, critical thinking, and specialized abilities.

1. Telephone screen

Like in any standard telephone screen, you will stroll through your resume. The scout will likewise pose inquiries to measure your interest, receptiveness to learning, and authority characteristics.

The telephone screen is somewhat more (45 minutes) for designer or specialist jobs and comprises specialized inquiries regarding information constructions and calculations.

2. Telephone meet

While this is generally normal in specialized jobs, different people may likewise be approached to finish a telephone meeting. This will happen one fourteen days after your telephone screen if all works out positively.
The selection representative will share a plan and expected inquiries/subjects early. Recollect that in each subsequent round, individuals talking with you are higher up in the association. Consequently, ensure your relational abilities are sharp, and your polished methodology radiates through.
For designing jobs: Engineers might be approached to do a next telephone meet with a senior designer or designing supervisor. Competitors are relied upon to comprehend information designs like clusters, stacks, lines, connected records, and hash tables, just as calculations, for example, broadness first inquiry, profundity first pursuit, quicksort, mergesort, and separate and overcome.

3. On location meet

For non-designer jobs, most competitors who pass the telephone screen will move straightforwardly to this stage. They will meet nearby at the Microsoft area for which they apply (Seattle, Redmond, or the Bay Area), all costs paid by the organization. During the Covid pandemic, interviews are being led basically.

This round generally comprises an entire day of 4-5 endless meetings.
• Each meeting is led by two individuals: Microsoft questioners work two by two to give a more extensive viewpoint on the up-and-comer and dispose of oblivious predisposition.
• You’ll meet representatives and supervisors for the group you’re seeking to join for an hour each.
• During a normal on-location meet, you’ll eat with the group, which is additionally viewed as a screening segment.
• After each round, questioners will stamp the competitor as ’employ’ or ‘no recruit.’ If an applicant gets three ‘no recruits’, they might be sent home early.

The last individual you meet with during your location is known as an ‘As-Ap’ or “As Appropriate.” Like the “bar raiser” at Amazon, this individual, along with the employing chief, has blackball control over your recruiting. This is a vital piece of the Microsoft talk with experience that you ought not to belittle.

Microsoft isn’t known for leaving individuals hanging: Some competitors report getting a proposal during their on-location meet or following.

4. HR meet

Inside a multi-week of their on-location talk, competitors either get an offer or dismissal or are welcomed back for one last HR round. Current and previous Microsoft representatives on Quora depict it as simple custom: the employing supervisor does the last meeting comprising conduct and specialized inquiries to guarantee you’re the correct fit and talk about compensation and advantages.

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