It’s only been a few years since Cisco certifications began to soar to new heights of popularity and likability. Suddenly, there is an excess of demand, and it has become a standard for evaluating individuals’ professional IT aptitude in search of IT-related employment. The CCIE, another Cisco qualification, is no exception. CCIE certification indicates that the individual who obtained it possesses all of the necessary knowledge and technical abilities for designing, implementing and configuring security detailing for Cisco solutions and IT resources.

Their ultimate goal is to ensure that the networking or other systems on which the business relies remain secure from hackers and cybercriminals’ devastations and hacking attempts. This is not an entry-level qualification, and it appears more professional than some professionals believe. CCIE security engineers are in high demand these days due to the constant fear of cyber-breach or other technical vulnerabilities. Security specialists are required to address these faults well in advance.

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Prerequisites for Passing the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Exam

As it turns out, there are no precise prerequisites; all that is required is some basic IT knowledge and a working knowledge of coding and related technologies. To pass the examination, you must pass both the written and lab portions. The written exam is only two hours long, which means you should complete it if you have the time provided. There are approximately 90-110 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that you must answer within the allotted time.

You must possess an extensive understanding of developing, implementing, and configuring security systems based on complex Cisco technology, as the majority of questions will be based on this fact.

On the other hand, the lab exam can be addressed only after you have passed the written exam; you will have around 18 months to pass the lab exam; if you do not, you will receive a second chance after 12 months. And if you fail again within three years of completing the written exam, you must retake the written exam, starting over. The entire exam will cost approximately $2000, not including training and boot camps.

Suggestions for Passing the Exam

Given that you now have nearly all of the information you need to know about the certification in general, you must prioritize a few things if you intend to pass the examination on your first attempt. First, you must have gathered from the lab and written test descriptions that this certification is not a joke and, most certainly, not an entry-level certification. That is why passing it requires some significant concentration, and only persistent attempting and patience will get you through. Second, it would be best to keep in mind that you do not need extensive training to pass the written exam. Simply having some general knowledge of the CCIE certification will sufficient.

Because you will have a prolonged period to prepare for the lab exam, it is recommended that you focus exclusively on the written exam and ignore the lab exam. The following are some tips that will assist you in passing the examination relatively immediately:

1. Laboratory Practice

As previously said, passing the written exam is not difficult if you have a basic understanding of how networking works and have read extensively about the CCIE certification in Cisco handbooks or other study material. However, the lab exam is the real deal, and it is for this reason that you must prepare. Make an effort to complete as much practice as possible and to cover every topic thoroughly. When you run into difficulties, ask your lab trainers for assistance in sorting out your concepts.

2. Join the CCIE Forums

The next step is to subscribe to the CCIE forum; this is a community where different CCIE professionals engage and assist one another by providing ideas and other material to help you gain a thorough understanding of the exam structure. These pros are nearly always available. You may contact them with any queries regarding any part or component of the exam, and they will respond promptly.

3. Identify Your Weakness

After spending so much time in the lab and practicing several modules, you’re bound to be challenged by a couple of them; these are weaknesses, and you should address them well before the exam date approaches. Make a list of your shortcomings and areas where you need to improve your grasp, then burn some excessive midnight oil to get them in order before the exam.

4. Exam Papers in PDF Format Available Online

To make things easier for you and give you a flavor of what the CCIE Cisco exam is like, numerous online PDF exam papers are available on various websites. If they are available for free, download them and attempt to solve them. Proceed in this manner; try to solve the identical module over the PDF exam you have just practiced or studied and see how well you perform. Continue practicing and improving; it will take time, but you will get there eventually.

The CCIE Security certification ensures that you better interact with the various job titles that emerge in information technology security. In addition, passing the exam validates your skillset, which means that you will approach those jobs and build a promising career out of them.

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FAQs About the CCIE Security Lab Exam

The following are some frequently asked questions about the challenging one-day CCIE Security lab exam.

1. When was the two-day lab format changed to a one-day one?

October 2001. Worldwide, all CCIE certification laboratories now test candidates in a one-day format.

2. Where can I schedule a test for the CCIE Security lab?

The following are the locations where you can take the CCIE Security lab exam:

  • Belgium, Brussels
  • Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina, USA
  • San Jose, California, United States of America
  • Sydney, Australia

3. What is the most excellent possible score, and what is considered a passing score?

The exam is worth 100 points in total, and a passing mark of 80 percent is required. Because the passing rate on first attempts is relatively low, you should anticipate taking the exam more than once. Cisco will not release the passing percentage.

4. What happens once the exam is completed?

You will be escorted from the laboratory. You will receive an email notification within 24 hours. The email instructs you to click on and enter your written exam results (the written exam date, score, and candidate ID will be required). At this point, you will be presented with a breakdown of the significant portions and your percentage score in each component. You can submit a critique of your lab experience; make careful to include any feedback, positive or negative. Candidates are eligible for complimentary lab attempts if they have legitimate justifications for lab inconsistency or human mistake. With a price tag of US$1250 plus taxes, you want to ensure that every possibility to pass has been exhausted.

5. Am I permitted to use Notepad and the Windows Calculator?

Yes, you may, but no files may be saved. However, you may copy and paste to and from Notepad. The calculator is handy for identifying subnets and bit boundaries and converting between hexadecimal and decimal.

6. How many times may I retake the laboratory examination?

Allow 30 days between lab examination attempts. There are no minimum requirements for scores.

7. What if I fail?

Along with earning a CCIE certification, you’ll obtain access to exclusive CCIE chat boards and items, as well as a CCIE plaque and certificate. These will be mailed to you between three and six months after your test date, depending on your location.

8. What if I fail? Am I informed of the areas in which I performed poorly?

Cisco will not provide particular areas of weakness; the candidate must deduce this information from the brief score summary. You can, however, pay a charge (US$250) to have the correctness of your lab routers re-examined. If you are sure you have passed, the $250 investment is well worth it. You will receive no more information even with a regrade — merely a brief score report through email and your new grade (pass or fail). Some applicants have emailed me to tell me that they passed the exam despite being told they did not. A regrade is genuinely a subjective choice. If you believe you earned 75 or higher, I will propose requesting a regrade.

9. What materials am I permitted to bring into the laboratory?

You may carry just the necessary medications and a dictionary with you. Additional materials are not permitted. Cisco serves snacks and beverages at all CCIE lab locations. Additionally, the meal is served during the lunch break (30 minutes). Therefore, lunch is necessary, and CCIE staff will accompany you.

10. What is the responsibility of the proctor?

If you do not understand a question or its purpose, you may seek clarification from a proctor. While the proctor cannot provide solutions, he or she can confirm that you comprehend the question. In network hardware issues or exam mistakes, the proctor can also make any necessary changes. The proctor’s role is to guarantee that you have the best possible opportunity to pass the test and not interfere with your capacity to do so. If you disagree, you may send an email to The CCIE program manager’s primary responsibility is to the applicants’ wellbeing, and you never know, your case may qualify you for a future lab for free.

11. How frequently am I required to recertify?

To keep your CCIE status, you must recertify every two years; otherwise, your CCIE status will be moved from active to suspended and finally to inactive. Inactive membership in the CCIE precludes you from purchasing CCIE items or participating in the CCIE forum.

If you have a suspended CCIE certification, you will lose all CCIE perks and privileges with until you recertify. In addition, after one year of suspension, your certificate becomes inactive, and you must retake both the written and lab examinations to regain active CCIE status.

12. Are there any examinations or alternate options for recertifying my CCIE?

Currently, there are two ways to recertify your CCIE:

  • You may choose from various written tests; for more information about the available written exams, please visit
  • You can earn a CCIE recertification by enrolling in a CCIE track that you do not presently have. For instance, passing your Security lab exam recertifies you in the R&S path if you have one.

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