Obtaining CCIE Certifications is challenging; therefore, we have prepared an Ultimate Guide to assist you in passing your CCIE LAB Exam on the first attempt. Though nothing can replace hard work, patience, and time management, this article will point you in the right way and assist you in passing the CCIE LAB. Before we cover the CCIE Lab Exam, I recommend that you do the SPOTO Club’s CCIE LAB materials prep classes. The CCIE Lab Exam Preparation Materials from SPOTO Club are trusted because they are the best.

1. Take Use of the Expertise of the Professional Trainers/Teachers

It is critical that you have received training from persons who have already completed the CCIE LAB. They know what it’s like to deliver a CCIE LAB Exam because they’ve done it before; they’re familiar with the environment and know what to do and what not to do. They’ll be sharing their knowledge and all of the tactics and strategies for passing the exam on the first try. Furthermore, if you have purchased the SPOTO Club’s CCIE LAB Exam Materials, they will tell you what is essential and what is not, as well as which topics you should focus on the most. Only learning from Cisco-certified CCIE Trainers, such as those at SPOTO Club, will improve your chances of getting it. They’d be experiencing an experience that they could talk about. They’ve also trained and assisted a lot of people like you in getting their CCIE certifications.

2. Extensive Laboratory Training

Before taking the CCIE LAB Exam, you must first complete extensive lab instruction. The lab practice is what will help you remember and grasp the concepts. To pass this exam, you’ll need at least 5 to 6 hours of lab practice per day, along with suitable training. To pass the CCIE Lab Examination, you must complete at least 500 hours of regular lab instruction. You could also enroll in the CCIE LAB Exam Training courses given by the SPOTO Club. Once you’ve grasped the concept, put it into action; if you’ve learned about implementation correctly, repeat the process. Repeat until you can do it in the shortest amount of time.

3. Recognize Current Topologies

There are a lot of networking topologies that could come up in the exam. Yes, you’d have to be aware of all of them. However, it is also necessary to be mindful of the existing topology. In some instances, the same topology would be repeated in the examination for several months or years. As a result, you must understand everything you can, particularly about that one. This can make it a little simpler for you to pass the exam.

4. Excellent Troubleshooting Abilities

To achieve the certification, you must pass both the CCIE Written and Lab examinations in each track of CCIE Certification. Candidates must possess excellent troubleshooting skills to pass this exam. In every exam, whether it’s for Collaboration, Wireless, R&S, or Security, you’ll be given a network and asked to troubleshoot it. It would help if you learned from which source the packet originated and which destination it will be moved, and how to debug the entire transmission. So join the SPOTO Club once more and take advantage of their skilled training sessions. As a result, if you want to take advantage of all of the CCIE Lab’s benefits, you need to obtain the SPOTO Club’s study dumps to improve your abilities and knowledge.

5. Continually Put Yourself to the Test

The WSJ article claims that continually assessing yourself helps your brain learn to retrieve and apply information from memory. This is likely more successful than simply reading a technical article or book. This is most likely why successful CCIE candidates complete numerous hours of lab practice on advanced topics and do so multiple times. They may be unaware that this is part of their learning technique, but they develop a problem-solving pattern.

6. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

As I explained in CCIE Roadmaps, Topics, and Blueprints, CCIE candidates require a lot of hands-on experience with gear. They also need to know a lot about technology. Test-taking abilities dealing with the setting and tempo should be part of your practice in addition to these required technical skills. The environment can have a role; CCIE applicants carry out the second or subsequent tries with a higher probability of success. Part of this is likely because they studied more. Still, it’s also possible because they’ve previously seen the exam room, noticed the actual lab delivery system, and attempted the real exam once.

You can, however, perform part of that practice before the lab day. I recommend performing some practice labs from workbooks from two or more CCIE lab prep vendors for the six-hour configuration section. For the 2-hour problem-solving component of the CCIE laboratory, I propose conducting ticket-based labs in a CCIE-lab simulation format, such as a Cisco Learning Laboratory Troubleshooting laboratory and the TU part, both available from the Cisco Learning Network Store.

Another strategy you should work on is practicing. In the CCIE lab, you only need to complete 80% of the troubleshooting and 80% of the configuration in the allocated time. Practice your speed by completing the more accessible activities first and amassing a large number of points. To determine which activities are accessible and challenging, you must first study the whole exam part you are working on. Once you’ve calculated that, you should be able to decide whether it’s acceptable to defer a task until later in the day or even skip a job entirely if the point value is low and it won’t affect overall connectivity.

Resolving enough trouble ticket scenarios to pass the troubleshooting portion is the key to passing this phase. These tickets don’t have to be solved in any particular order, and they don’t have to be solved in a specific order. The end-to-end connection must meet a sufficient number of lab scenario constraints to pass the configuration phase of the lab. However, the lab test does not have to be completed in order.


Wishing all present CCIE candidates the best of luck! Study diligently with lots of practice utilizing a test strategy, retain a good attitude, and approach your lab attempt with a strong mental mindset and deep technical understanding. Pass your CCIE Lab with SPOTO Latest exam dumps, training courses, and expert guidance.

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