The CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification is issued by Cisco, the world’s largest manufacturer and seller of networking equipment. This certification prepares you to become knowledgeable about a variety of topics, including the following:

  • TCP/IP model
  • Switches and routers
  • Network utilities (ping, tracert, arp)
  • IP addressing and subnetting
  • VLANs and trunking
  • Routing protocols such as OSPF
  • WLAN
  • NAT and ACLs
  • Automation and programmability

How do I obtain CCNA certification?

You can earn the CCNA certification by completing one test — the CCNA 200-301. The exact amount of questions on the exam varies but will be approximately 120. The minimal passing score may also change but will often range between 800-850 out of a possible 1000.

Where is the examination to take?

To book an appointment to take the CCNA exam, you must contact Pearson VUE, an electronic testing provider. Pearson VUE has numerous authorized testing centers worldwide, and you can select one in your local. Since the COVID epidemic, the exam can also be taken at home using your laptop. If you choose the home option, you must complete certain testing conditions, including being monitored via webcam.
The exam is offered in English and Japanese and is 120 minutes long. Cisco offers only the most basic information regarding your score, so you have no way of knowing which questions you answered correctly or incorrectly! You will receive the results instantly upon completion of the test.

Exam Preparation

There are numerous strategies to prepare for the exam:

  • Enrolling in a CCNA course – Cisco training is available through various educational companies and universities. This online tool can assist you in locating an academy in your area. These courses often take a couple of months and contain a significant amount of hands-on work. Prices vary by area, but courses can be pretty expensive (up to $1000).
  • Self-study using textbooks and online courses — self-study is another standard method of preparing for the CCNA exam. There are numerous high-quality materials and tools available online, like GNS3 or Packet Tracer, that enable you to study without purchasing costly equipment. Naturally, this website is one of these exceptional online tools. Many people search online auction sites such as eBay or Amazon for CCNA kits that would enable them to operate on genuine equipment.
  • Intense boot camps — week-long live classes that cover months’ worth of content in a matter of days. Not suitable for novices.


You are not required to attend a Cisco-authorized CCNA course to sit for the exam.

Types of Questions

The CCNA exam contains seven different sorts of questions:

• multiple-choice, single answer – you must select only one correct response:

• multiple-choice, multiple-answer – you must select multiple responses:

• fill-in-the-blank – you must input the proper response to this sort of question:

• testlet – you have described a scenario and are required to respond to a few multiple-choice questions about it:

• drag-and-drop – items must be dragged and dropped into the appropriate categories:

• simulated lab (sim) – a laboratory scenario in which you can access and set up devices. You are responsible for resolving the issue by reconfiguring the devices:

• simlet – a question type that combines the sim and testlet question kinds. You are provided with network topology and a lab scenario, as well as access to the devices. There will be multiple-choice questions based on the scenario’s information:


Three years are required to renew a CCNA certification! To renew your certification, you must pass one of the following tests before the expiration date of your current certificate:

  • Re-sit the CCNA exam
  • One exam covering a particular professional specialty
  • One exam covering the fundamentals of technology
  • One lab exam for the CCIE certification

Additionally, you can earn 30 CE (Continuing Education) credits to renew your certification. Attending Cisco Live training sessions or completing online training courses qualifies you for CE credits.

Advance Your Career with CCNA!

We hope this article was informative in preparing you for the CCNA exam. CCNA is the most highly regarded associate-level certification in the information technology profession. If you want to achieve your CCNA certification quickly and effortlessly, you may begin by enrolling in SPOTO CCNA training today. Also, practicing with SPOTO CCNA real exam dumps can ease your exam preparation process!

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