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Which AWS service requires the customer to patch the guest operating system?
A. AWS Lambda
B. Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES)
C. Amazon EC2
D. Amazon ElastiCache
Correct Answer: C

A company needs to allocate AWS costs across three different departments running in a single VPC. Each department has a number of Amazon EC2 instances dedicated to the applications that are specific to the given department.
How can the costs be allocated across the three departments?
A. Have each department tag their resources, then run a cost allocation report.
B. Create an AWS IAM account with billing access and use the AWS CLI to view EC2 instance use statistics.
C. Enable billing alerts through Amazon CloudWatch
D. Configure three VPCs. allocating one tor each department
Correct Answer: A

A user is comparing purchase options for an application that runs on Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS. The application cannot sustain any interruption The application experiences a predictable amount of usage, including some seasonal spikes that last only a few weeks at a time It is not possible to modify the application.
Which purchase option meets these requirements MOST cost-effectively?
A. Review the AWS Marketplace and buy Partial Upfront Reserved Instances to cover the predicted and seasonal load
B. Buy Reserved Instances for the predicted amount of usage throughout the year Allow any seasonal usage to run on Spot Instances.
C. Buy Reserved Instances for the predicted amount of usage throughout the year Allow any seasonal usage to run at an On-Demand rate.
D. Buy Reserved Instances to cover all potential usage that results from the seasonal usage
Correct Answer: C

A company has a MySQL database running on a single Amazon EC2 instance. The company now requires higher availability in the event of an outage Which set of tasks would meet this requirement?
A. Add an Application Load Balancer in front of the EC2 instance
B. Configure EC2 Auto Recovery to move the instance to another Availability Zone.
C. Migrate to Amazon RDS and enable Multi-AZ.
D. Enable termination protection for the EC2 instance to avoid outages.
Correct Answer: C

An application is receiving SQL injection attacks from multiple external resources. Which AWS service or feature can help automate mitigation against these attacks?
B. Security groups
C. Elastic Load Balancer
D. Network ACL
Correct Answer: A

A company previously lost data that was stored in an on-premises data center. To protect against future against future loss of data, the company wants to use AWS to automatically launch thousands of its machines in a fully provisioned state in minutes, in an format that supports data restoration.
Which AWS service should the company use to meet these requirements?
A. AWS Direct Connect
B. AWS Storage Gateway
C. CloudEndure Disaster Recovery
D. AWS Backup
Correct Answer: C


A company plans to create a data lake that uses Amazon S3.
Which factor will have the MOST effect on cost?
A. The selection of S3 storage tiers
B. Charges to transfer existing data into Amazon S3
C. The addition of S3 bucket policies
D. S3 ingest fees for each request
Correct Answer: B

Management at a large company wants to avoid long-term contracts and is interested in AWS to move from fixed costs to variable costs. What is the value proposition of AWS for this company?
A. Economy of scale
B. Pay-as-you-go pricing
C. Volume discounts
D. Cost optimization
Correct Answer: C

A company is moving multiple applications to a single AWS account. The company wants to monitor the AWS Cloud costs incurred by each application.
What can the company do to meet this requirement?
A. Setup invoiced billing
B. Use AWS Artifact.
C. Set budgets in Cost Explorer.
D. Create cost allocation tags.
Correct Answer: D

Which AWS services make use of global edge locations? (Select TWO.)
A. AWS Far gate
B. Amazon Cloud Front
C. AWS Global Accelerator
D. AWS Wavelength
E. Amazon VPC
Correct Answer: BC




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