Employers seek CCNA credentialed applicants as proof of a solid background in the knowledge and skills of network administration, while workers seek the certificate to differentiate themselves and increase their value to their company.
To obtain CCNA Certification, practice these Sample Questions from SPOTO.

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Question 1:

Which Cisco express forwarding mechanism maintains Layer 2 information linked to a particular entry in the routing table, reducing the need to send ARP requests before forwarding packets?

A. Cached frequently used data link headers

B. Forwarding information base

C. Cached frequently used destination addresses

D. Adjacency tables


Correct answer:C


Question 2:

Which advanced Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) feature prevents certain switch ports from connecting to other switches to prevent switching loops and unauthorized connections?

A. PortFast

B. EtherChannel

C. BPDU Guard

D. Rapid STP


Correct answer: C


Question 3:

At which layer of the OSI model do network switches operate that do not support routing?

A. Data Link

B. Physical

C. Transport

D. Network


Correct answer: D


Question 4:

In which of the following situations would you use port security?

A. You want to control the packets sent and received by a router.

B. You want to restrict the devices that can connect through a switch port.

C. You want to prevent sniffing attacks on the network.

D. You want to prevent MAC address spoofing.


Correct answer: C

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Question 5:

which mode is required to install the license on a Cisco device?

A. Privileged exec mode

B. User exec mode

C. ROMmon mode

D. Global configuration mode


Correct answer: B


Question 6:

 You administer a network that uses bridges to connect network segments. The network is currently suffering from serious broadcast storms. What can you do to solve the problem?

A. Replace the bridges with gateways.

B. Install a central gateway to absorb broadcast storms.

C. Install a repeater at the end of each segment.

D. Replace the bridges with routers.


Correct answer: D


Question 7:

You are the network administrator for a rapidly growing company with a 100BaseT network. Users have recently complained about slow file transfers. In a check of network traffic, you discover a high number of collisions.

 Which connectivity device would best reduce the number of collisions and prepare for future growth?

A. Hub

B. Bridge

C. Router

D. Switch


Correct answer: C


Question 8:

Which IP address does EIGRP send routing updates to?


Correct answer: A


Question 9:

Which command would you use to remove the contents of NVRAM?

A. wipe nvram

B. delete nvram

C. erase nvram

D. clear nvram


Correct answer: D


Question 10:

Which algorithm does a router use to calculate all routes for a subnet?

A. Cost





Correct answer: A


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