Before taking the Cisco certification tests, candidates must complete a significant amount of training and study. Students must not only become familiar with the exam setting, but also with the kind of questions that will be asked throughout the test. In order for him to be completely prepared for the exam, he should go over the exam paper several times before he sees it for the first time. He should have a sense of how long the test will go and how much time he will have to devote to each question or, if we look at it more generally, how much time he will have to devote to each part. SPOTO can supply you with the most up-to-date and accurate information on everything and everything relevant to Cisco certification exams.

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The following categories of questions can be found in Cisco exams:

  • Single-answer questions with many choices
  • Multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Simulation
  • Testlet
  • Simlet


Multiple Choice With a Single Response

The vast majority of individuals are familiar with multiple choice questions and answers. Some questions have only one correct answer, while others have many valid answers. Because of this, Cisco will always inform you of the number of right choices available, and the test engine will typically alert you if you have picked too few or too many options. These are the sections of any Cisco certification test that are most likely the simplest to pass. In this portion, the applicants are presented with a number of questions, each of which has four–five alternative answers, only one of which is the correct one. The pupil is only allowed to select one choice.


Two-choice, Multiple-response Questions

This kind of questions include four to five possibilities, yet the right answer will have more than one option to pick from among all of the available answers in this situation.


Drag-and-drop Questions

You must drag boxes to certain areas on the screen in order to answer drag-and-drop questions. In most cases, you will be requested to drag words onto their associated meanings or into the appropriate categories. Other tasks may include dragging and dropping things onto a network diagram. When you are given the opportunity to drag and drop a box into the appropriate spot on the examination paper, you must do so in order to create some sort of logical sequence. It is possible that the students in this part may be required to create a network model by dragging and dropping.



Just as the name implies, the students are expected to fill in the blanks with the best relevant word they can think of.To complete the task, you must enter your response into one or more text boxes. Despite the fact that I have never witnessed Cisco employ fill-in-the-blank questions. Due to the fact that it is a less common type of Cisco question, it does not always appear on the Cisco exam paper in its entirety. The prospect of their introduction by Cisco exists, and you should be aware of this possibility.

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The simulation component of the Cisco test is considered to be the most difficult section of the exam. Configuring one or more Cisco equipment, including routers, switches, and other devices, is a requirement for this certification. I’ve seen simulations that are based on IOS and simulations that are based on GUI. Although not all of the commands and features may be accessible at the same time, the ones that are required to complete the simulation will be available. Simulation questions have a tendency to instill terror in the hearts of those who take the test. However, obtaining some hands-on experience with actual Cisco routers or with a sophisticated network simulator software, such as the courses and test dumps from SPOTO, will help you to overcome your fear and prepare for the exam. Furthermore, this segment consumes the majority of your available time. Make sure you practice thoroughly before the test and that you do not spend an excessive amount of time on this portion.


Testlet Questions

In most cases, testlet questions are offered in a series of three to six questions. Every one of these questions is predicated on a standard situation or network configuration. The scenario text will supply you with any needed command output that you may require. While you can complete the testlet questions in any sequence you like, you will not be able to return to it once you have left.


Simlet Questions

They are essentially a hybrid of a simulation and a testlet in one question. This portion, like the Simulation section, is quite complicated, and it is recommended that you practice extensively before taking the test. You will be offered with a set of three to six questions that are based on a typical situation or network structure, just like you would be with a testlet. You will not, however, receive any command output from this command. Instead, you must interact with the network devices and send the appropriate instructions in order to be able to provide accurate answers to the queries. Additionally, be certain that you do not spend an excessive amount of time on this portion. Because you will not be able to return to this part and amend your response, your answer should be considered final.


It is possible that not all of these item categories will appear on every Cisco certification test. If you study SPOTO’s learning materials, you will be prepared for any of the Cisco certification exams  Utilizing SPOTO’s Cisco certification practice dumps, which covers the item categories you may anticipate to encounter on the actual certification exam, will provide you with even more opportunity to gain experience.

If you are still afraid about the sorts of questions that you could encounter on Cisco examinations, you shouldn’t be anxious any more. If you thoroughly comprehend If you are still afraid about the sorts of questions that you could encounter on Cisco examinations, you shouldn’t be anxious any more. If you thoroughly comprehend SPOTO’s courses and exam dumps, you will be able to deal with whatever question they throw at you!

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