Developing and maintaining websites and apps has never been easier thanks to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Nevertheless, it is extremely difficult to locate the proper personnel to establish the framework for a coherent cloud business plan. Filling that knowledge gap may be as simple as earning an AWS certification. AWS Solutions Architect – Professional is a well-known and respected certification from AWS.
With an average income of $160,000, IT professionals with the AWS Solutions Architect – Professional certification are in high demand, demonstrating the high need for AWS skills and knowledge. Even though earning the certification is something you’d like to do, it might not align with your long-term professional ambitions. So, let’s take a look at SPOTO‘s  information about what the certification is, what the test objectives are, and a few positions that would be ideal for this certification.

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What is An AWS Solution Architect-Professional?

Entry, associate, and professional certifications are all available to employees at Amazon. The professional level’s goal is to verify that you can create, deploy, and properly scale AWS to the needed specifications. This is especially true for solutions architects.

Prior to taking the exam, test-takers are strongly advised to have relevant work experience. At least two years’ experience developing and executing AWS architecture is recommended before taking the test. An entry-level certification such as Cloud Practitioner or Solutions Architect – Associate on AWS is a good choice if you’re new to the platform.

The test is a three-hour, $300 USD multiple-choice assessment. It’s a proctored test that is tightly supervised. Although it is possible to take it from the comfort of your own house. AWS offers a $40 practice exam in addition to the exam, which is a bit more pricey. If you want to be well prepared for the real exam, you should take the practice test beforehand.

Those who have completed the Solutions Architect – Professional course

To pass this test, you must be familiar with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. If you’re new to the cloud, your chances of receiving this certification are slim. Instead, focus on completing an associate’s degree in cloud computing.

It’s crucial to stay current in your field as an architect, and this certification will certify your current knowledge and keep your abilities up-to-date.

The following are a few jobs in which having AWS Solutions Architect – Professional on your resume will be a huge asset.

  • Developers for AWS Cloud

Several factors make this certification an attractive choice for those who frequently interact with Amazon Web Services (AWS). CloudFormation Templates, AWS APIs, and the AWS CLI will be familiar to your usual developer. A significant desire to view the other side, such as the management and billing consoles, may exist. It’s important to have the expertise and self-assurance to work with AWS’s business-oriented features that an AWS Solutions Architect-Professional certification delivers.

Additionally, it will bolster a developer’s already solid foundation of business understanding. That’s especially true in the CloudFormation domain. The CloudFormation Templates and their accompanying diagrams are overseen by a number of architects.

  • Owners of a product

An experienced technologist is sometimes required, even though most product owners are business-oriented subject matter experts. The typical product owner serves as a bridge between the product’s developers and the product’s stakeholders. ” If a team of developers is working on a product in its infancy, a typical product owner may not be the best person to oversee the project.

Right now is a great moment to hire an architect who is familiar with the ins and outs of the company’s daily operations and workflows. Stakeholders and developers alike will have more faith in a PO who has earned the Solutions Architect – Professional credential. The best way to start a project is to start from the ground up and use the best practices.

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  • Auditors

Getting the work done isn’t enough. It must be completed to the highest standard and meet all requirements. In many cases, an independent auditor is hired to look for problems that the developers may have missed. If you’re an IT auditor, this certification is a must-have on your CV.

For example, let’s imagine the federal government is searching for an auditor for their new AWS GovCloud-hosted top-secret application. The G-men have limited it down to you and another auditor from two separate consulting firms. Which of you do you think they’ll choose if you’re an AWS certified expert and the other one isn’t? Security briefings are inevitable, so prepare yourself for them.

Is AWS worth the money?

We’re not going to sugarcoat it: this test is difficult. However, the AWS Solutions Architect-Professional certification is worth the time and effort. To become an AWS certified architect or DevOps engineer, this certification is a must-have for anybody who wants to advance in their career.

A last point to make: positions necessitating the CCIE certification pay extremely well and are in high demand.

There is no doubt in my mind that anyone who works with Amazon Web Services (AWS) every day will find this certification worthwhile. If you want to gain this certificate as soon as possible, contact SPOTO and you won’t regret it!

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