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Question 1


What is an example of network communication that uses the client-server model?


A. A user uses eMule to download a file that is shared by a friend after the file location is determined.

B. A workstation initiates an ARP to find the MAC address of a receiving host.

C. A user prints a document by using a printer that is attached to a workstation of a coworker.

D. A workstation initiates a DNS request when the user types in the address bar of a web browser.


Correct answer: D


Question 2


Two students are working on a network design project. One student is doing the drawing, while the other student is writing the proposal. The drawing is finished and the student wants to share the folder that contains the drawing so that the other student can access the file and copy it to a USB drive. Which networking model is being used?


A. peer-to-peer

B. client-based

C. master-slave

D. point-to-point


Correct answer: A


Question 3


What is an advantage for small organizations of adopting IMAP instead of POP?


A. Messages are kept in the mail servers until they are manually deleted from the email client.

B. When the user connects to a POP server, copies of the messages are kept in the mail server for a short time, but IMAP keeps them for a long time.

C. IMAP sends and retrieves email, but POP only retrieves email.

D. POP only allows the client to store messages in a centralized way, while IMAP allows distributed storage.


Correct answer: A


Question 4


 Which application layer protocol uses message types such as GET, PUT, and POST?









Correct answer: D


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Question 5


 When retrieving email messages, which protocol allows for easy, centralized storage and backup of emails that would be desirable for a small- to medium-sized business?







Correct answer: A


Question 6


What message type is used by an HTTP client to request data from a web server?







Correct answer: C


Question 7


Which three statements describe a DHCP Discover message? (Choose three.)


A. The source MAC address is 48 ones (FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF).

B. The destination IP address is

C. The message comes from a server offering an IP address.

D. The message comes from a client seeking an IP address.

E. All hosts receive the message, but only a DHCP server replies.

F. Only the DHCP server receives the message.


Correct answer: BDE


Question 8


What part of the URL,, represents the top-level DNS domain?


A. .com

B. www

C. http

D. index


Correct answer: A


Question 9


 Which two tasks can be performed by a local DNS server? (Choose two.)


A. providing IP addresses to local hosts

B. allowing data transfer between two network devices

C. mapping name-to-IP addresses for internal hosts

D. forwarding name resolution requests between servers

E. retrieving email messages


Correct answer: CD


Question 10


Which phrase describes an FTP daemon?


A. a diagnostic FTP program

B. a program that is running on an FTP server

C. a program that is running on an FTP client

D. an application that is used to request data from an FTP server


Correct answer: B

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