There are numerous advantages to obtaining Microsoft Azure Certification and passing the Microsoft Azure tests. If you read this blog post, you may have opted to take a Microsoft Azure exam and become certified. Since I passed a few Azure examinations, I want to explain how I studied for and passed these exams. This will hopefully make it easy for you to give as well.

Exam success is entirely dependent on having the proper approach and preparation. Please visit the following blog if you are seeking advice on passing a Microsoft exam. For more exam information, please contact SPOTO.

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Select the appropriate Azure test and certification


Ensure that you select the appropriate certification path and exam before anything else. There are numerous tests and industry certifications available. Microsoft’s approach to role-based certifications is matched with the important market and industry job roles, making it easy to locate the appropriate accreditation. Depending on where you are in your career and where you want to go, it makes sense to choose the correct one for you. I developed a blog post to provide an overview of the various Azure exam certification paths and to help you choose one.



Start Small


If you are unsure of where to begin and which exam to begin, I recommend starting with the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals exam. This will assist you in comprehending how Microsoft tests operate without delving too far into technology. Familiarity with Microsoft examinations enables you to concentrate on the authentic material rather than the testing procedure.


Know the exam material, and read the questions


The first step following and during exam selection is to examine the exam questions. On each Microsoft exam website, the “skills measured” by the exam are listed. This list is typically exact and assists you in concentrating on the proper material to study. Even the portal itself provides accessible training and courses for exam preparation.


Recognize the question kinds


Understanding the exam formats and question kinds before taking the exam can prove to be highly beneficial. Microsoft does not specify which types of questions are included in each exam format, however, you can find a list of exams and sample questions. Understanding the types of questions on your exam will make it easier for you to answer them and earn the maximum number of points per question.



Participate in free hands-on classes on Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn was announced at Ignite 2018 as a free platform for studying various Microsoft technologies, including Azure. Microsoft Learn provides you with a variety of learning routes based on your job function or desired abilities. Most learning routes provide opportunities for hands-on training, allowing you to acquire practical skills through interactive instruction. And it’s gratis! No credit card is required for rapid in-browser access to Microsoft tools and modules.


Practical experience


Most of the time, the most incredible method to learn and pass the Microsoft Azure tests, or any other exam, is by actual hands-on experience with the technology. Microsoft Learn provides free hands-on learning programs, and there is also a free Azure account. The Azure free account provides 12 months of Azure services at no cost. Here you can discover additional information. Be sure to investigate the measured skills and utilize the Microsoft Docs tutorials.


Consult the Microsoft Docs.


In addition to Microsoft Learn and hands-on experience, this is one of my top suggestions for preparing for a Microsoft Azure certification exam. As previously said, review the skills tested on the exam website, locate the relevant Microsoft Docs pages and, read through them, then experiment with the tutorials. The Microsoft Azure Documentation should be read. Azure and the exam-relevant subjects are really extensively documented.


Video training and courses


Various video training courses are available that enable video-based Azure test preparation. To name a few, we have LinkedIn Learning, Pluralsight, Whizlabs, and ITPro.TV, Udemy, A Cloud Guru, and numerous others! Peruse the various deals and study the evaluation to identify the most suitable option. In addition, other Microsoft Learning Partners provide online courses.


Select instructor-led classes and learning partners


As you can see, there are numerous self-study resources available to prepare for and pass the Azure tests. However, classroom instruction can be extremely beneficial and effective with the correct instructor. This page is a list of official Microsoft Learning Partners with Microsoft Certified Trainers in your country. Many of them provide courses for various technologies in conjunction with in-person and online training.




Microsoft Press offers publications created by industry experts if you want to learn and prepare for exams with books. There are some good books that can help you study more, be ready for the Microsoft Azure tests, and pass them. However, if you purchase a printed copy of the book, it will not be updated in the future to reflect technological or exam changes.


Take a sample test


There are also official practice examinations available for some of the exams. These are excellent for determining where you are in the learning process and which topics require additional attention. I strongly suggest that you exclusively take official practice examinations and avoid using study guides. In addition to exam and self-cheating, brain dumps are frequently incorrect and contain numerous errors.

The study groups

If you have a few coworkers, friends, or individuals you met at an Azure User group gathering, it can be beneficial to form a study group. Not only can study groups facilitate a more structured learning environment, but they also aid in the development of interpersonal skills. In addition, they assist you in obtaining a fresh perspective on the subject matter and prevent procrastination.




Ensure that you are calm on the day of the exam. Have adequate rest and avoid stress and other commitments immediately preceding the exam, which could cause you to run out of time. Ensure that you arrive early at the test center so that you do not have to rush and can instead focus on the exam itself.

Sometimes it is challenging to locate a testing center near you, or there are no accessible appointment hours. You can also take an exam online using at-home testing to facilitate the process. Nowadays, I take practically every exam online, saving me a great deal of time. Nonetheless, it comes with a few prerequisites. For instance, you will need a place where no one else can enter, and there are no monitors or other items nearby that could facilitate cheating. On Microsoft Learning, you may find more information about taking the exam online.


Promotional Offers


Microsoft also offers a variety of Microsoft Learning discounts, including student discounts and exam retakes. Exam replays allow you to repeat an exam if you fail the initial attempt. This can significantly improve your exam experience. It is worthwhile to examine the special offers to see if you qualify for one.



Getting started!


Also interested in obtaining Microsoft Azure Certification? Check out my blog entries for more information on why you should become Microsoft Azure Certified and how to choose the appropriate Azure test certification path. And consider my Azure exam experience with the various Azure tests. Feel free to bother SPOTO‘s customer service for more study materials.

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