Microsoft’s goods and services have dominated the commercial sector since the 1980s. Every modern employee must have at least a fundamental understanding of their most common products, such as Teams, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, due to the digital nature of the current era (particularly in the present). Unlocking their full potential can yield numerous corporate benefits, including increased productivity, operational efficiency, and a more decisive competitive advantage. This is where Microsoft Certification Training comes in. Its programs hone and certify your proficiency with Microsoft technologies, resulting in improved business outcomes and a more robust IT skill set.

This article describes the fundamentals of obtaining Microsoft certification and how it can enhance your IT career and earning potential.

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Microsoft offers a variety of certification programs, each geared to a particular technical IT function. This includes, among others, software developers, administrators, data scientists, consultants, and security engineers. Each certification consists of a set of exams that must be passed in order to receive the certificate.
There are three sorts of certifications available: foundational credentials, role-based certifications, and additional certifications.

The “principles” is suggested for entry-level IT professionals as it explores the fundamentals of Microsoft’s software and cloud computing platforms. Role-based certificates emphasize skill sets for specific work tasks (e.g., data analyst, functional consultant, data engineer), whereas “extra” certifications provide specialized training in Microsoft software.


Enhance IT’s employability


An important advantage of seeking Microsoft certification is enhancing your competitiveness in the job market. Employers (regardless of industry) are increasingly seeking tech-savvy candidates, and what better way to demonstrate your proficiency than by obtaining certification from a major worldwide IT body?

With Microsoft credentials under your belt, you increase your worth as a job prospect in any industry, accelerating your job search. This is advantageous for those seeking to increase their income through a career change. In addition, firms are adopting certification as a hiring factor, as certified recruits tend to “achieve full productivity” sooner than their non-certified colleagues.

Microsoft certifications enable anyone pursuing more lucrative, higher-paying positions on the job market (whether in IT or not) to present a more credible, appealing resume.

In addition, each certified professional receives a digital badge attesting to their accomplishment, allowing them to promote their new credentials on social media, their website, and their online resume. A Microsoft badge can also assist you in locating employers seeking your particular skill set and compensation estimates for suitable positions.


Accelerate Your Career


As previously stated, obtaining Microsoft certification increases your employee value and productivity, making you a vital component of the organization. Statistics indicate that Microsoft-certified employees are 90 percent more productive and 60 percent more efficient than their non-certified counterparts.

As a result, accreditation expedites job progression and increases prospects for advancement or promotion. As a result, 23 percent of Microsoft-certified professionals receive a 20 percent compensation rise upon certification. In addition, certified workers earn 15 percent more than their non-certified counterparts.

According to the 2019-2020 Microsoft Dynamics Salary Survey by Nigel Frank International, 70% of respondents said that their certification was paid for in full by their employers, indicating the importance of the organization’s focus on having a competitive, trained workforce.

Additionally, an advanced skill set results in increased confidence in the job, as many certified professionals report a more vital willingness to adopt new techniques, technologies, and industry expertise. Numerous individuals have also described how certification has enabled them to undertake complex work more efficiently, with many frequently assigned to supervise their colleagues.




Microsoft certification is beneficial for maximizing the utilization of connected tools, applications, and platforms (and demonstrating these skills to potential employers). As previously indicated, individuals can also seek more specialized certification pathways to access lucrative new jobs in the technology area.

For instance, workers can pursue Microsoft certification to launch their cybersecurity, networking, or cloud computing careers — three of Australia’s most in-demand tech professions (as of 2020). Microsoft offers specialized certificates in every industry, such as the Security Administrator Associate, MTA: Networking Fundamentals, and Azure Developer Associate tests.

Individuals can boost their earning potential by rising from primary, entry-level IT professions to more technical, specialized positions that generally pay more. According to Talent International, cloud architects, and security officers are currently among the highest-paid IT positions in the United States, earning on average between $170,000 and $230,000 and $220,000 and $300,000, respectively (respectively). Network engineers have the potential to earn $112k annually, compared to the average salary of $78k.

Pursuing Microsoft certification linked with these professional routes (and other lucrative sub-sectors) might boost one’s chances of entering the area, defining their niche, and increasing their wages.




Lastly, Microsoft certification enables one to keep competitive, relevant IT abilities in the face of altering industry trends and demand for IT talents.

Microsoft and its products are probably here to stay, offering constant change and innovation to the worldwide business community. Their services are utilized and famous globally, and they continue to evolve in tandem with the market and industry demands. Verifying your knowledge of their software and re-certifying when trends shift, and new technologies emerge indicates your dedication to an ever-changing IT environment.

Companies value this and can also help you maintain your confidence and motivation in a field undergoing constant change. Certification assures that your abilities are in demand and of the highest quality, preserving your career options and earning potential.




As previously stated, SPOTO is an exclusive partner of Microsoft, offering intense certification preparation training courses.

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