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Question 1


Which two VLAN IDs indicate a default VLAN? (Choose two.)


A. 0
B. 1
C. 1005
D. 1006
E. 4096


Correct answer: ABC


Question 2


In software-defined architecture, which place handles switching for traffic through a Cisco router?


A. Control
B. Management
C. Data
D. application


Correct answer: C


Question 3


Which command enables a router to become a DHCP client?


A. ip address dhcp
B. ip helper-address
C. ip dhcp pool
D. ip dhcp client


Correct answer: A


Question 4


Which two QoS tools provides congestion management? (Choose two)




Correct answer: ABC


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Question 5


If a switch port receives a new frame while it is actively transmitting a previous frame, how does it process the frames?


A. The new frame is delivered first, the previous frame is dropped, and a retransmission request is sent.
B. The previous frame is delivered, the new frame is dropped, and a retransmission request is sent.
C. The new frame is placed in a queue for transmission after the previous frame.
D. The two frames are processed and delivered at the same time.


Correct answer: C


Question 6


Which type of address is the public IP address of a NAT device?


A. outside global
B. outsdwde local
C. inside global
D. insride local
E. outside public
F. inside public


Correct answer: C


Question 7


The service password-encryption command is entered on a router.


What is the effect of this configuration?


A. restricts unauthorized users from viewing clear-text passwords in the running configuration
B. prevents network administrators from configuring clear-text passwords
C. protects the VLAN database from unauthorized PC connections on the switch
D. encrypts the password exchange when a VPN tunnel is established


Correct answer: A


Question 8


Which configuration management mechanism uses TCP port 22 by default when communicating with managed nodes?


A. Ansible
B. Python
C. Puppet
D. Chef


Correct answer: A


Question 9


Which technology is appropriate for communication between an SDN controller and applications running over the network?


A. OpenFlow
B. Southbound API


Correct answer: D


Question 10


What are two characteristics of a controller-based network? (Choose two)


A. The administrator can make configuration updates from the CLI
B. It uses northbound and southbound APIs to communicate between architectural layers
C. It moves the control plane to a central point
D. It decentralizes the control plane, which allows each device to make its own forwarding decisions
E. It uses Telnet to report system issues.


Correct answer: BC


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