You will be regarded as an AWS professional if you successfully completed the AWS certification exam for your selected sub-domain. All of these experts have varied responsibilities and pay scales depending on the roles they select. SPOTO has included some of the most well-liked AWS-based careers in the list below, along with the typical AWS job income in India for each industry.
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1. Architect for AWS Cloud
Probably one of the most in-demand AWS specialists in the field is a cloud architect. As an AWS Cloud Architect, candidates should budget around USD 119,000 per year. The average beginning wage, however, would be around USD 83,000 per year if you are fresh to the sector. It can reach USD 167,000 per year, depending on your level of industry expertise. (Payscale)

2. AWS Developer
The average income package for an AWS Developer is USD 122,799 per year. But this may vary based on your background and where you live. Your average beginning income will be roughly USD 97,000 per year if you are new to the sector. Your pay may increase to around USD 151,843 per year as you continue to gain expertise in the profession. (ZipRecruiter)

3. An AWS Big Data Expert
The annual pay of a big data specialist is roughly 99,775 USD. However, it can go higher if you have an AWS certification. In this field, the base beginning salary is around USD 76,000. However, with more expertise, it may reach USD 139,000 or even more. (Payscale)

4. Network Engineer for AWS
The average income for a Cloud Network Engineer, including those with an AWS certification, is roughly USD 122,159. The starting income for novices in this industry is approximately USD 79,189, and for professionals with experience, it may reach USD 188,448. (Indeed)

5. DevOps Engineer for AWS
An AWS DevOps Engineer typically makes around USD 136,142 a year. For newcomers, the base wage would start at approximately USD 119,884. However, those with extensive industry expertise can earn up to USD 165,115 per year. (Talent)

6. AWS SysOps Administrator
An AWS Sysops Administrator typically makes around USD 111,000 per year. The starting compensation for this employment is approximately USD 73,000, but if you have a lot of expertise in the sector, it may increase to USD 158,777.

7. AWS Cloud Expert
AWS-certified professionals’ salaries are included in the average Cloud Practitioner pay, which is around USD 85,569. About $50,000 is the entry-level salary for this position. However, with expertise, your annual salary might reach USD 116,000.

8. Architect for AWS Solutions
An AWS Solutions Architect typically earns around USD 113,261 per year. The average field AWS newcomer salary is around USD 88,000, but this can vary depending on where you are. Higher-level professionals in the sector may earn up to USD 173,000 annually.

9. Security Expert with AWS Certification
Around the world, being a security specialist is a very well-paying job. A security specialist typically makes around USD 101,239 per year. AWS certification may help in advance. Around 41,000 USD is the starting average wage in this industry. People with extensive industry experience may earn up to USD 149,500 annually.

10. AWS Cloud Specialist
An AWS-certified Cloud Engineer typically makes around USD 107,239. In this industry, the beginning average salary is around USD 98,078 annually. The salary for experienced workers might reach USD 117,257.

Salary Dynamics for AWS Certified Professionals

Your compensation as an Amazon Web Services certification holder depends on a variety of things. Many businesses in various Indian states and towns are employing AWS specialists with expertise in a variety of sectors. Your salary for an AWS certificate, however, may vary depending on your expertise, geography, and employer.

1. Salary of an AWS Certified Professional: Based on Role and Experience
Your professional experience in the sector is typically the most significant aspect that influences your income. Naturally, individuals who are new to the sector will make less money than those who have been employed there for a long period. AWS-certified individuals are thought to earn an average income of roughly $100,000 per year. On the other hand, entry-level professionals in the industry typically make around USD 89,000. However, with experience, the pay can increase to around USD 155,055.

2. Salary of an AWS Certified Professional: Based on Role and Employer
Your pay may vary as well depending on the company you work for and the position you play. In organizations like Accenture, the base salary for AWS specialists in India is often around USD 150,000. However, you might easily earn better pay if you have more experience.

3. Salary for AWS Certified Professionals Based on Role and Skill Set
Your AWS expert pay can vary greatly depending on the type of specialized talents you possess. Your specialized skill sets in the industry can have a significant impact on your average Amazon AWS salary, as you have already shown in the previous list.

4. Location and Role-Based Compensation for AWS Certified Professionals
When it comes to paying, location is also one of the most crucial considerations. AWS professionals are paid more in different nations throughout the world. It’s critical to make a thoughtful decision about where you want to work. Here are some examples of AWS Solution Architect salaries in various cities.

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