Amazon provides the “AWS Certified solution architect test” for cloud professionals who want to improve their careers in cloud engineering or as an AWS solution architect. There are 60 questions on the AWS certification exam, and each test taker has 130 minutes to complete it. To pass this respected exam, there is no set standard or minimum score.
However, the passing scores/marks fluctuate from time to time, averaging between 60% and 72%. The strategy and AWS cloud experts advise that one should constantly strive for 75%. As a result, the benchmarks below are all automatically covered. If you want to gain the AWS certification, SPOTO has everything you need to prepare for the exams.

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Why read this article on the AWS certification exam?

This article offers a well-organized and created collection of guidelines that are not only followed and suggested by cloud practitioners and industry professionals but are also organized by them. The post will walk you through a roadmap that includes all the necessary details and resources on topics like AWS associate exams, AWS services, and AWS solutions architect associate exam questions. Thus, if read completely and with extreme dedication, this essay can prove to be quite helpful.

Tips and a strategy for the AWS certification test

1. Start with online learning and social media engagement for the AWS certification exam.
Online learning is advised by AWS cloud practitioners and experts as a way to master the fundamentals. One can, for instance, use the Amazon whitepapers and the AWS Certification exam guide. Furthermore, SPOTO-AWS exam advice can be very helpful. You can create your exam plan by knowing the demands of the exam and its requirements thanks to this stage and its resources.
Additionally, talking to and interacting with others who have passed the exam on LinkedIn, Quora, and Facebook will improve your preparation by adding intelligence and quality.

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2. Pass the free AWS cloud practitioner certification test to earn your AWS certification.
Before taking the AWS certification exam, AWS cloud experts and practitioners advise taking an AWS-certified cloud practitioner certification course. This online course aids in determining your level of skill, knowledge gaps, and awareness of the areas linked to AWS certification.
Additionally, taking this exam can assist you in creating a plan for your future education. which will boost well-directed and goal-oriented research.
3. Complete related courses and training are available online for the AWS certification test
One might also enroll in related courses or go through training programs to fill in any learning gaps. One such course is provided by Amazon itself. Additionally, there are a ton of professional learning resources online. For instance, there is a significant demand for AWS certification exam preparation courses on Udemy. Therefore, finishing one such course or training must be the main goal.
4. Review the AWS services and take the AWS certification exam.
A substantial chunk of the AWS certification test comprises questions based on AWS services. As a result, this specific section has to be thoroughly practiced. Your ability to pass the AWS certification exam and later advance in your career will be aided by learning more about AWS services.
To learn the practice, AWS cloud practitioners and consultants suggest employing flashcards, cheat sheets or even fast notes.
Pro Tip: According to industry experts, you should concentrate especially on S3, RDS, VPC, EC2, and Lambda services. Prepare your flashcards for each of these services as a result.
5. To prepare for the AWS certification exam, join peer groups.
Peer group-based associated learning strategies are advised by domain experts because the AWS certification exam is not simple. These lessons facilitate easy information comprehension and improve our capacity for memory recall. Explore groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, and Discord for this kind of peer learning.
Pro Tip: Always keep in mind the following two pieces of advice before beginning your peer group trip for the AWS cloud practitioner exam: First off, if you’re forming a peer group, there shouldn’t be more than 3–4 people in it. Second, limit yourself to no more than one or two groups when you join any groups on the social media platforms mentioned above.
6. Pass the AWS Solution Architect Associate exam to earn your AWS credential.
However, completion of this course does not ensure success on the AWS certification exam. However, it aids in bolstering the technical aspects and fundamental ideas of AWS. Additionally, it fills in all the holes that were overlooked while reading the aforementioned AWS exam study advice. Thus, taking this exam is advised to gain some genuine hands-on experience.
7. Practices for the AWS certification exam
The requirements to pass the AWS certification exam change from time to time. To improve one’s competitiveness and skills, one should have sufficient practical experience. Practice exams are a lifesaver in this circumstance. Such practice exams not only aid in the development of concepts but also instruct in stress management and time management. Because of this, even before the actual AWS exam, practice exams help set the tone and attitude for the exam.

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