The recruitment website Glassdoor reported that the month from early March to early April is the same as the first nine months of the Great Depression, which is detrimental to IT work and general work.

According to data from the recruitment website Glassdoor, the number of available IT jobs in the United States fell by 20% in a month, which is equivalent to the average loss of all job opportunities.

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The data comes from the economic research department of Glassdoor and is part of a broader analysis of all industries in the United States. Overall, the number of job vacancies from March 9 to April 6 dropped to 4.8 million, a 20.5% drop.

Since March 9, 60% of employers have reduced job vacancies, and almost a quarter of employers withdrew all positions.

Daniel Zhao, the senior economist at Glassdoor, wrote: “From a perspective, the United States has reduced vacancies proportionally during the first four weeks of the crisis, just as we did during the first nine months of the Great Depression. “The report.

In terms of technology, Glassdoor stated the vacancies for “information technology” fell from 173,952 on March 9 to 152,018 (-19.2%) on April 6, and the posting of “computer software and hardware” positions fell from 175,983 to 128,064 -19.7). The same time frame and “Internet and Technology” job vacancies fell from 91,239 on March 9 to 71,924 (-7.6%) on April 6.

The technology industry cannot complain. Over the same period, job opportunities in the tourism industry fell by 73%, while job opportunities in the arts and entertainment industry fell by 46%.

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A relatively┬ábright spot in the data is the increasing availability of remote operations. As Glassdoor said, remote jobs account for “larger market share.” Although remote work declined by 10.8% last month, it still increased by 8.7% over an equivalent period the previous year. Besides, the share of jobs classified as remote areas has increased dramatically, up 27.9% from last year.

There is only one category of growth: government. The number of jobs increased from 124,151 in March to 129,247 in April, an increase of 11.7%.

Despite the overall decline, Glassdoor pointed out that there are still 5 million vacancies on the company’s platform.

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