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The following is the Cisco CCNP Core 350-501 exam demos and you can download to test your level:

Q1. A network engineer must enable the helper router to terminate the OSPF graceful restart process if it detects any change in the LSA which commands enables this feature?
A. NSF IETF helper disable
B. NSF cisco enforce global
C. NSF IETF helper strict-Isa-checking
D. NSF cisco helper disable

Q2. How much must the MTU be increased when configuring the 802.1q VLAN tag?
A. 2 bytes
B. 4 bytes
C. 8 bytes
D. 12 bytes

Q3. Which statement describes the advantage of a Multi-Layer control plane?
A. It automatically provisions, monitors, and manages traffic across Layer 0 to Layer 3.
B. It minimizes human error configuring converged networks.
C. It supports dynamic wavelength restoration in Layer 0.
D. It provides multivendor configuration capabilities for Layer 3 to Layer 1.

Q4. Which configuration mode do you use to apply the mpls Idp graceful-restart command in IOS XE Software?
B. MPLS LDP neighbor
C. global
D. interface

Q5. Which statement about segment routing prefix segments is true?
A. It is linked to a prefix SID that is globally unique within the segment routing domain.
B. It is the longest path to a node.
C. It is linked to an adjacency SID that is globally unique within the router.
D. It requires using EIGRP to operate.

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Q6. An engineer working for a telecommunication company needs to secure the LAN network using a prefix-list. Which best practice should the engineer follow when he implements a prefix-list?
A. An engineer must use nonsequential sequence numbers in the prefix-list so that he can insert additional entries later.
B. The final entry in a prefix list must be/32.
C. An engineer must identify the prefix list with a number only.
D. An engineer must include only the prefixes for which he needs to log activity.

Q7. Which task must be performed first to implement BFD in an IS-IS environment?
A. Disable Cisco Express Forwarding on all interfaces running routing protocols other than IS-IS.B. Configure BFD under the IS-IS process
C. Configure all IS-IS routers as Level 2 devices.
D. Configure BFD in an interface configuration mode.

Q8. Which statement about Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) is true?
A. It is used only in service provider environments.
B. It can be used only with XML coding.
C. It uses YANG modeling language to automate devices.
D. It must use SDN as an overlay for addressing.
Q8. You are creating new Cisco MPLS TE tunnels. Which type of RSVP message does the headend router send to reserve bandwidth on the path to the tailend router?
A. error
B. reservation
C. path
D. tear

Q9. In an MPLS network, which protocol can be used to distribute a Segment Prefix?

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