One of the essential things to do would be to achieve CCNP Enterprise certification. It is considered the type of certification that would prove your skills with enterprise networking solutions. To gain that certification, you would require going through two exams:

Benefits of Choosing SPOTO

1. One that would be designed for covering the core enterprise technologies.

2. Another one would be the enterprise concentration exam of your choice.

Core exam:

This exam would be focused on your knowledge about enterprise infrastructure, like the following:

  • Automation
  • Dual-Stack (Ipv4 And Ipv6) Architecture
  • Infrastructure
  • Network Assurance
  • Security
  • Virtualization

The core exam would also be considered the qualifying exam for CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and CCIE Enterprise Wireless certifications. If you clear this exam, it will help you earn any or all of these certifications.

Concentration exam

This exam would be designed with a focus on growing as well as industry-specific topics, which would be including the following:

· Advanced Routing

· Automation

· Network Design


· Wireless

In the concentration exam, you would be given six choices of reviews, and you are required to choose one from them for earning a certificate. By sitting for corresponding Cisco training courses, you could be able to prepare for concentration exams.

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About New CCNP Enterprise Certification Program

The new CCNP Enterprise certification program would have designed to prepare candidates for avoiding the handle today’s professional-level job roles in enterprise networking technologies. The new program comprises of Automation and programmability. It helps aspirants scale their knowledge of networking Infrastructure. Being one of the most popular certification courses, CCNP certifies the core knowledge a candidate needs to have while providing the flexibility to choose a focus area.

The new exam in the CCNP Enterprise program could help you out-earn Specialist certification. So you will be considered to have accomplishments along the way.

Migrating to the new program

IT is considered to be essential to note that the new CCNP Enterprise certification program will replace the existing CCNP Routing and Switching, CCNP Wireless, and CCDP certification courses. If you plan to start or have already started working to the current CCNP Routing and Switching, CCNP Wireless, or CCDP Certifications, then continue doing this. It is because the new program will offer you credit for the work you have completed in these current certifications.

Also, if you would be able to qualify any exams in these certifications, you will obtain badging for corresponding new reviews and a credit to the latest CCNP Enterprise certification. Also, you will get the new CCNP Enterprise certification, and badging would be able to similar technologies—enterprise core technologies, wireless, advanced routing, or design.

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