There has been a dramatic increase in job opportunities for project management professionals. No doubt that project management is considered a career that would be worthy enough of the time and an investment necessary for ongoing success. One of the most critical aspects of project management readiness is considered to be the PMP coursework and certification.

Here are some of the reasons which could answer why you should take the PMP Certification Exam:

Benefits of Choosing SPOTO

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Provides a Boosts to Your Resume

Whenever you would be apprehending your resume across a potential employer’s desk, one thing that person would be looking for is whether or not you would have PMP certified.

If your resume is considered to be in a stack with competitors, you may pass over in favor of someone else who would be based on PMP certification. If an employer is considered debating whether he/she ought to hire you or another applicant, PMP certification could be viewed as the deciding factor.

Provides Networking Opportunities

When you would be prepared to take the PMP exam and earn your certification, you do so by signing up through the Project Management Institute. When you become a PMI member, you would be acquiring an automatic link to all other PMPs who would be the members. According to PMI’s 2016 annual report, there would be over 740,000 PMP certified professionals. Of that number, more than half are considered to be outside of the United States.

Increases Your Earning Potential

One question that would be coming up when considering PMP certification’s value is its high-end salary potential. PMI is continually reported to be so over the past several years and would be based on data and research.

The two most notable examples are the South Africa, where the differential is 47% between PMP certified managers and non-certified managers, and Saudi Arabia, where the median salary of managers certified who would have more than ten years is considered to be even more than twice that of managers certified which would be fewer than five years.

Gives a Proof of Serious About Your Profession

There would be a difference between having some project management experience and pursuing project management as a profession. Many people experience leading a project or two across their career experiences. Still, not everyone would be seeking the necessary training and certification for excellence in the field of project management.

Certification would be telling others that you could take project management seriously, and aren’t just dipping your toe in the hot waters of this career for seeing how it would be panning out. Employers wish to hire managers who are considered to be quite passionate about doing so to the best of their ability, and certification would be lending credibility to that passion.

Improvises Job Prospects

PMP certification is considered the world’s most popular project management certification, and as such, it would be recognized by employers all over the world. Employers would be looking for project managers who would be viewing certification as a valuable credential, whether it would be required for a position or not.

As a project manager, if you would be searching for a new place, PMP certification would be giving you an edge over competitors. It would be opening the door to a broader range of possibilities, as some companies would require the PMP certification for their managers.

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