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The following is the Cisco CCNA 200-301 exam demos and you can download to test your level:

Q1. Which two capabilities of the Cisco DNA Center make it more extensible? (Choose two.)
A. customized versions for small, medium, and large enterprises
B. adapters that support all families of Cisco IOS software
C. REST APIS that allow for external applications to interact natively with Cisco DNA Center
D. modular design that is upgradable as needed
E. SDKs that support interaction with third-party network equipment
Correct Answer: CE

Q2. What is the benefit of using a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller?
A. Central AP management requires more complex configurations.
B. Unique SSIDs cannot use the same authentication method.
C. It eliminates the need to configure each access point individually.
D. It supports autonomous and lightweight APs
Correct Answer: C

Q3. A router running EIGRP has learned the same route from two different paths. Which parameter does the router use to select the best path?
A. administrative distance
B. cost
C. metric
D. as-path
Correct Answer: C

Q4. Which statement correctly compares traditional networks and controller-based networks?
A. Only traditional networks natively support centralized management.
B. Only traditional networks offer a centralized control plane.
C. Traditional and controller-based networks abstract policies from device configurations
D. Only controller-based networks decouple the control plane and the data plane
Correct Answer: D

Q5. Which network allows devices to communicate without the need to access the Internet?
Correct Answer: B
Q6. Which IPv6 address type provides communication between subnets and cannot route on the Internet?
A. multicast
B. unique local
C. link-local
D. global unicast
Correct Answer: B

Q7. Which command prevents passwords from being stored in the configuration as plain text on a router or switch?
A. enable secret
B. enable password
C. service password-encryption
D. username cisco password encrypt
Correct Answer: C

Q8. When a floating static route is configured, which action ensures that the backup route is used when the primary route fails?
A. The administrative distance must be higher on the primary route so that the backup route becomes secondary.
B. The floating static route must have a higher administrative distance than the primary route so it is used as a backup.
C. The default-information originate command must be configured for the route to be installed into the routing table.
D. The floating static route must have a lower administrative distance than the primary route so it is used as a backup.
Correct Answer: B
Q9. Which two tasks must be performed to configure NTP to a trusted server in client mode on a single network device? (Choose two.)
A. Enable NTP authentication.
B. Specify the IP address of the NTP server.
C. Disable NTP broadcasts
D. Verify the time zone.
E. Set the NTP server private key.
Correct Answer: AB

Q10. A network engineer must back up 20 network router configurations globally within a customer environment. Which protocol allows the engineer to perform this function using the Cisco IOS MIB?
Correct Answer: B

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