PMP certification, which would be most commonly known as Project Management Professional, is considered a PMP certification given to the professionals who would be expertise in handling various projects to bring maximum competence. This certification would generally help a project manager increase efficiency in work by enabling the capability to organize the people and tasks concurrently to get the maximum proficient result. Unlike any other thing, it would also have its two different areas as it could be quite useful to the professionals, but it would also have its disadvantages. Also, check out the training courses of SPOTO, for ensuring success in a single attempt.

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Advantages of PMP Certification:

· Emphasizing the resume: 

It could be appending an extra point for your resume, thus making your resume out of the frequent ones. It would be making a difference if you would be pursuing a job as Project Manager in some MNC. Nowadays, it has become critical credentials in some of the companies that are looking for a project manager.

· Proving your experience: 

It would be adding up with your experience in project handling really while you would be leading or directing them. And if anyone would be planning to sit for a PMP exam, the knowledge which would be generally calculated in working hours while handling the project is compulsory. PMI also has an audit process for verifying the experience said by the project manager for substantiating the same.

· Increment in Salary: 

So, if you would be a PMP certified project manager, then you are going to usually earn about more money through your earnings than a non-PMP accredited project manager. According to the salary survey of the 2010 PMI, a PMP certified manager would be earning about $10,000 more than a non-PMP certified project manager in six of the major countries.

· Opening the door of job opportunities: 

Having a PMP certification could be opening your doors for numerous excellent job opportunities and networking among the people. A PMP certified manager could be increasing his or her professional networks by interrelating with other accredited project managers, thus creating prospective career opportunities.

In the meetings organized in essential centers, managers could gain the chance to get with other certified managers and learn about the management theory. And they could also increase the PDU’s required to renew their certification every three years.

Disadvantages of PMP Certification:

· It is costly: 

Applying for a PMP examination would cost you a lot of money, which might not be favorable for some of the people depending upon their financial condition. A lump sum amount would be charged for doing a formal Project Management Education of 35 hours. Apart from that, you would be required to pay $405 for applying for the exams if you a would-be member of PMI and, if not, then $555. For becoming a member, one would be required to spend about $129.

· Preparation for Exam is Time Consuming

As one has to provide the breakdown as well as details of every hour, which would be spending on a project, defining the hours as well as time spent on the executing project task. And all of these would be taking a lot of time.

So, even if there would be many cons, one should try to gain the certification, as it would surely help in getting better opportunities and results as a project manager. Do check out the training courses offered at the SPOTO to ensure success in a single attempt.

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