Once you would have done with the PMP certification, you might be asking what the next step in your professional career will be. Well, it would be the time to land a high paying PMP job now that you would know and requirements to gain a very delicate position. First, you would be required to understand that a high paying job search takes time and experience, but being PMP certified is the first step in your future and a professional career. You should check out the training courses offered at the SPOTO Club, to gain success in a single attempt. Here are the top 3 high income earning PMP jobs.

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Top 3 High Income Earning PMP Jobs:

Now, let us have a focus on particular roles of those high paying PMP jobs, which in many instances the average salary could be in the upper $100,000. Let us have a look at top job opportunities.

1. Managing a PMO Office

The PMO office is considered to be the one that would be providing the guidance, direction as well as oversights the Project Management functionalities within a company. It is considered to be a highly demanding job that would be requiring deep understanding in all PMBOK areas as well as all processes which would be related to the PMP role. The PMO manager is believed to be one of the top-paying PMP positions. The individual would be having responsibilities assisting other PMPs, delivering projects, and managing budgets/schedules for a large number of projects. This position would score a salary close to the $200,000 or in the upper $100,000.

2. Construction Project Manager

Harsh conditions, tight schedules, and juggling multiple sites at the same time are some of the critical challenges that a construction project manager would be required to handle. The industry’s nature would require a PM traveling to multiple sites and thus, sometimes would be considered a road warrior. The job sites could be remote locations with limited facilities and therefore has quite high paying opportunities. A construction PM would also require extensive knowledge in different trades and areas, helping them manage and schedule, control scope, and cost. These positions could be offering salaries as high as $150,000 plus per diem allowances.

3. Project Manager Consultant

A PMP consultant could work for many companies as well as support multiple projects at once. The PMP consultant could score good-paying jobs, due to its labor-intensive scope as well as concurrent projects. The consultant job would be offered opportunities and flexibility for a PMP for managing projects across different industries, requiring basic knowledge in multiple processes. The consultant would provide strategic guidance in terms of scope, cost, risks, communication, and schedule to organizations that might not be able to support a more massive PMO vital structure.

The salary for this role would be based on a 40-hour workweek could be close to $150,000. This position might be having two different options:

· You could either work as a consultant on your providing support to PMP organizations, OR

· You could be working as a consultant for a PMP consultancy management company.

The distinction between both would be that one would be providing oversight to PMPs while working as an independent consultant while the second would be tasked for acting as a PMP for a specific project or program.

If you wish to obtain any of these jobs, you would have to gain the PMP Certification, and for that, you should opt for the study dumps offered at the SPOTO to guarantee your success.

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